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Fitness & Running Blog Awards 2018

Thousands of fitness enthusiasts share their opinions and experiences in a blog. Find the best fitness and running blog awards for 2018 & reward their work!

Review – Hydro Flask

An all round flask that can keep your coffee warm in the winter and your water cold in the summer is a must for all adventure seekers whether you walk, run or climb its always a handy bit of kit. In the past I have used countless products that just do not deliver and coming […]

CrossFit: Top Tips for Getting Started

So you want to start CrossFit but unsure how? This article written by a qualified CrossFit instructor will explain all about getting starting.

Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with Chris Zaremba

Personal trainer & founder of Fitness Over Fifty, Chris Zaremba, shares his inspiration for becoming a PT & his fitness over 50 advice.

Yoga for Runners: Warm Up Exercise & Flexibility Training Tips

Running is a high impact exercise. Yoga teacher Phoebe Jones talks about yoga for runners & how adding yoga to your training gives you a more balanced run.

Hill Repeat Workout: It’s Time to Dance on the Pedals!

A Hill Repeat Workout is an excellent way to build strength, improve speed, and confidence. Find out what level 2 British Triathlon coach says about them.

Cycling: How to Spot the Signs of Overtraining

Tom Bell, an elite-level cyclist, shares tips for spotting the early signs of overtraining & getting back on the path to consistent & manageable training.


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