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Preparing for a 5K Run: A Couch to 5K Program

Running is a quick, easy, & efficient way to get in shape & feel good. Coach Muldowney shares his tips on preparing for a 5K run using a couch to 5K program.

How to Use Nutrition to Maximise Fat-Burning

Chris Zaremba is our specialist on fitness for the over fifties. This week, he turns his attention to something of interest to fitness enthusiasts of all ages – a fresh approach to nutrition that maximises the body’s fat-burning period.

VR Cycling: Will Real Cycling Lose Out to Virtual Reality Anytime Soon?

Ever thought it would be cool to ride a virtual reality bike? Now you can. New fitness technology had given us VR cycling but can it replace the real thing?

Race Review: Twin Cities Marathon

Find out what elite runner and Olympic trialist Anna Weber thought of the Twin Cities Marathon & be inspired to get involved!

12 Expert Tips on How to Lose Weight and Tone Up

Want to get in shape but don’t know where to start? We asked 4 experts for their top tips on how to lose weight and tone up. Discover 12 great tips to help you get inspired and achieve your goals.

How to Prevent Chafing, Blisters, & Black Toenails

Blisters, chafing, and black toenails are often hazards of running. Competitive runner and running coach Joe Muldowney gives us some tips on avoiding them.

Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with Rory Aitken

Rory Aitken joins us in the Personal Trainer Zone this week. Rory shares tips on the healthy way to lose weight, how to improve your posture, and much more.


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