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A Beginner’s Guide to IRONMAN New Zealand

Looking for a challenge? Why not try the Nutri Grain IRONMAN New Zealand. Read an amateurs guide to taking part and get involved!

Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with Gus White

Gus White is in the Personal Trainer Zone this week. Learn how to get a flat stomach, top nutritional tips for weight loss, and be inspired by Gus’ workout tips.

4 Ways To Make Your Cycling Training More Varied And Fun

New & experienced cyclists often find themselves stuck in a rut. Inject some life back into your cycling training with these tips from pro cyclist Tom Bell.

Benefits of Barefoot Running for Kids

Barefoot running for kids is growing in popularity. We caught up with barefoot running expert and founder of Natural Running Canada, Jeff Stapleton, to find out what is involved and why he believes it is beneficial to teach barefoot running techniques from a young age.

7 Swiss Ball Rollout Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

A strong core helps with supporting your spine and gives better balance & stability. If you want to strengthen your core, consider the Swiss Ball Rollout.

Kettlebell Exercises: Conquering the Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is an awesome way to improve muscular endurance & burn fat. Matt & Ross from aps Fitness tell us how to conquer the Kettlebell Swing.

The Benefits of Training Camps & Tips on How to Choose

Training camps are becoming increasingly popular in the triathlon community. Find out about a few of the key benefits and what to look for before you book.


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