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Chia Charge REVIEW: Fuelling Me Far

I’m going to be very straight with you guys, I really do love this brand. Whether it’s the chia seed flapjacks or cashew-coconut-chia nut butter, I’m a fan of EVERYTHING. Seriously, all the products just taste so good. Let me explain. disclaimer: I was sent a sample pack of various items. All opinions are honest! […]

Overtraining Running Syndrome: How Much Is Too Much?

Pushing your body too hard can lead to all sorts of health & performance problems. Coach Joe Muldowney gives tips on avoiding overtraining running syndrome.

Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with James Clarke

James Clarke is joining us in the Personal Trainer Zone this week. Find out why he is a fan of plant-based nutrition and his number one tip for injury prevention.

Strength Training for Triathletes: Injury Prevention

The off-season is a great time to do some strength training. IRONMAN Coach Wendy Mader talks strength training for triathletes & injury prevention.

8 Fitness Tips That Will Help You Get Fit in 2017

Are you trying to get fit? Do you find it a struggle? Read our 8 Fitness Tips That Will Help You Get Fit in 2017 and achieve your fitness goals!

Top 5 Bodyweight Workout Exercises

Bodyweight training uses only the weight of your body for your workout. A bodyweight workout is great for increasing your overall fitness!

Triathlon: How to Survive Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming is a very different environment to swimming in a pool. IRONMAN certified triathlon coach Wendy Mader, shares her tips on how to survive!


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