#1 Daughter and #1 SIL

We’ll see just how much of a running post this ends up to be because this past week has been all about #1 Daughter and her wedding. Running has taken a back seat the past 10 days because:



MFH, #1 Son and I set out at early o’clock August 5, 2017 for a two day drive to Colorado. We had dropped off the animals at our local vet to play with the other animals while we were gone so we didn’t have to worry about them.

That first day was kind of rough driving. We hit Tennessee,


and finally Missouri.

By the time we reached Missouri, the sky had clouded over and it wasn’t long before we saw some threatening clouds!

The weather deteriorated from there and we drove through some pretty ugly weather the rest of the day. We stopped for the night just over the Kansas state line.

We had been driving a solid 12 hours and were worn out.

The three of us grabbed some dinner and I went down to the hotel gym for a quick 5k. It felt terrific to move after sitting in the car for 12 hours!

The next day, we loaded up the car again and with fresh optimism, continued west towards Colorado.

Along the way we saw a few interesting things. This tire impressed me. That was one BIG tire!!!

Finally: Colorado! YAY!!!

That next day, #1 Son and I drove down the road to a local “Y” for a little gym workout. He likes to lift. I just wanted a TM. Outside the “Y” they had a huge dinosaur cutout. Of course, I had my pic take with it. #RunsWithDinosaurs #DinosaurWhisperer I ran a quick 4 miles and #1 Son lifted a little while then we went back to the house. I had a Bachelorette Party to get ready for!

The Maid of Honor asked me to arrive a little early and help decorate. I have to admit, I’m pretty pleased with how this decoration turned out! *pats self on back*

The party was a smashing success!!!

Seeing as it was such a successful party, we’ll just say:

‘Nuff said.

We had the wedding rehearsal the next morning. There were a few people who had been at the party the evening before who were not feeling so spiffy at the rehearsal. LOL!!! The rehearsal went great and we were ready to go the next day for the real deal!!!

This guy was soooo ready to get married!

*BTW: #1 Son took a lot of pics at the rehearsal and the wedding. He did a fabulous job!!!

MFH and I practiced our dance moves after the rehearsal.

FINALLY: It was Wedding Day!!!

It was a beautiful morning for a wedding so I did what came naturally, I went out for a quick 4 miler. I turned right out the driveway of the house we rented and one block later was hopelessly lost. LOL!!! I had a terrific run, though, and got home just in time to clean up for the wedding.

MFH and I drove up the canyon to the wedding site. It was a beautiful setting for a wedding!

MFH and I changed into our wedding clothes. MFH looked pretty doggone handsome!!!

I had some super pretty flowers. They came in handy because they hid my Garmin tan line perfectly! *it’s the little things…

#1 Son scrubbed up nice, too! Funny story: He needed a tie for the wedding so he raided Paxton’s box of unused neckties and “liberated” one for the wedding. It looked great!

The wedding went off perfect! They were pronounced husband and wife. I cried. *I do silly things like that* We all cheered and then we celebrated!!!

#1 Daughter and #1 Son. I have two fabulous kids, you know that!?! #ProudMama

I guess I have three fabulous kids now: #1 Daughter. #1 SIL and #1 Son.



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    Congratulations!! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Well done on getting some runs in too – that’s dedication 🙂

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