4 Bad Fitness Workouts You Should Not Practice

Who can deny the gorgeousness of well-shaped figure with alluring abs, chest, biceps and quads? A majority of the people always head towards the gym to get the ideal physique, and most of them practice this phenomenon without the supervision of any professional trainer.

Such sort of adventure often ends up in the shape of severe injuries.

Physical activities like cross training or extensive works out in the gym are never the things that should practice by own. Our entire body possesses a complex structure, and you can’t afford to play with your health. You have to avoid such experiments to prevent the chances of any unwanted injuries.

So here we are going to discuss four bad fitness workouts you should not practice.


Squats are known to be the all-time favorite exercise of the bodybuilders. This training is the best way to shape your back and butt building. But you must have to follow the measures while practicing the squats training.

As during the squats, the doing person has to lift the plates from a lower position. This exercise is often performed while lying on the bench. So these circumstances built a critical mechanism of the human body. The excessive practice of squats may harm the spinal cord. Due to which the suffering person may find himself in need of a back surgery.

Back Head Pushes:

Practicing of any workout behind the head or neck is always an unnatural process. You must have to avoid all of these training of you are doing. As in start, you may not bother or feel any difficulty with your behind the neck pushes. But with the interval of time, your muscles will surely loose some of their strength, and you may suffer from of muscle strain.

Besides the adventure of back pushes, you should follow the straight presses. By following the natural approach, you will be able to move the dumbbells in easier trajectory. Hence you will be able to sort out the chances of injuries.

Bent over Row:

Barbell row or bent over row workout is one of the most stressful training. As in this exercise, you have to bend down and held a rod with the bulk of the weight. Your lower back will bear the all of the stress, your arms will be in the huge struggle, and more over your shoulders will suffer an un-natural position. If you keep practicing this training, your lower back would be in trouble.

So, as compare to bend over rows, T-bar is a way better exercise. While practicing the T-bar workout, you have to stand straight, and your legs provide appropriate support to your lower back. So, all of that person that already have back issues must avoid the bent over row. Moreover, all ladies out there should also wear cheap sportswear while doing such exercise.


Deadlifts offer you the right movements with your straight legs and equal balance to lift the weight. But once again, the excessive practice of deadlift will damage your hamstring, lower back and gluts.

To practice the ideal dead-lifts, you must have to possess an arch at your lower back. Well, it will be much difficult to maintain an arch in that particular position. But if you will not manage to form the arch, there will be the severe chance of flexing your spine and the related muscles that support the spine to remain stable. So, always practice maintaining a proper posture while practicing the dead-lifts.

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