5 Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home

Fat burning exercises are a great way to speed up fat loss and help lower body fat percentage. However, finding the time to fit exercise into an already busy schedule can be difficult.

Physical Fitness Trainer and bodybuilder Gregory Brown, shares 5 fat burning exercises to do at home.

Benefits of Exercising At Home

Exercise is highly beneficial to the human body. It helps to prevent mental and physical illnesses, burn excess body fat, and stay physically fit.

Living far away from the gym and increasingly busy schedules at work, has contributed to many people not exercising regularly. This has resulted in an increase in weight gain and other health issues.

However, the truth is that you don’t always have to go to a gym in order to get the quality exercise that you need to shed excess pounds and stay physically fit.

Below are some benefits and reasons why you should consider getting active at home.

  • Fits in with your busy schedule – a sedentary state at work and a tight schedule is a recipe for disaster. Low physical activity levels tends to result in you putting on more weight and fat. This has a negative impact on your health. Performing fat burning exercises in the comfort of your home allows you to easily burn those fats and stay healthy.
  • Provides a cheaper alternative – since you’ll no longer have to pay monthly subscription fees to the gym, considering fat burning exercises to do at home is much cheaper option.
  • Allows you to train at your convenience – if your work schedule is not stable, having a home gym to adjust your training schedules according to your timeline would be the best thing to do. You can balance the time you have with your work, social events, and your family while creating time to burn fat at your convenience.

Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home

1) Exercise using the skipping or jumping rope

Skipping is a low budget activity but helps to shed unnecessary fats within a very short period of time.

Visit your nearest sports store and get yourself a jumping rope. Now get dressed, just as you would when going to the gym, find a space in your home or in your garden, and start your skipping activity.

When you continue skipping for about 10 minutes, you will burn about 100 calories while building your lower and upper body muscles. Imagine the number of calories you are going to lose if you continue this exercise for about 30 to 60 minutes – great isn’t it?

Exercising with the skipping rope is truly one of the best exercises to do at home.

5 Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home | Weight Loss | Linked Fitness

Source: www.bodybuilding.com

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2) Incorporate Zumba, dancing, and aerobics into your lifestyle

You can include some jives and grooves into your lifestyle or fat burning program to increase your level of physical activity and squeeze out those stubborn body fats.

While Zumba, aerobics, and dancing are enjoyable and almost cost you nothing, they are efficient fat burning exercises to do at home.

When you include music into your fat burning session, you will not only enhance your productivity but will also make it more enjoyable while taking your focus away from your tiredness and stress.

If you dance for about 15 minutes, you can lose up to 240 calories, isn’t that amazing?

5 Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home | Weight Loss | Linked Fitness

Source: www.collegemagazine.com

3) Push Ups

Push ups might be a difficult movement if you are not really into fitness or you spend most of your day in a sedentary state. However, push ups will effectively whip your body into shape.

Most people see push ups as an upper body workout, but they will also work your glutes and core if you do them right.

Push ups require no workout equipment. However, you can purchase equipment like power towers, dumbbells or medicine balls to add resistance or perform various exercises without having to make any subscription or pay a gym trainer.

Push up and dips, can result in a person who weighs 150 lbs burning up to 96 calories in 10 minutes.

5 Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home | Weight Loss | Linked Fitness

Source: food.ndtv.com

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4) Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are one of the best bodyweight exercises to engage the core. They work nearly all the body muscles but requires no equipment for the movement.

Mountain climbers may look simple since you are maintaining a stable position, but what makes it difficult is that you need to remain in that stable position while you move and engage other parts of your body.

This exercise also starts in a high plank position which is similar to that of the push ups. Then you will start by moving your right leg to your right elbow. Repeat the same for the left leg.

Another advantage of this exercise is that it reduces belly fat while strengthening the core muscle.

According to Livestrong, someone who weighs 150 lbs will burn about 405 calories in an hour.

5 Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home | Weight Loss | Linked Fitness

Source: www.stylecraze.com

5) Squat

The squat is a lower body workout exercise that can help reduce your body fats. While it leverages on your body weight or other external weights like the medicine ball to work your hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal, your core will also not be left out.

Start off with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down while keeping your back straight and maintaining a tight core. Lower your body until your knees are parallel to your hip crease. Push your body back up with your feet, extending your hips as you do so.

To estimate the number of calories you burn per minute with your squats, simply multiply your weight in pounds by 0.96. For instance, a person who weighs 150 pounds would burn 14.4 calories with each minute of performing the squat exercise.

5 Fat Burning Exercises To Do At Home | Weight Loss | Linked Fitness

Source: www.womenshealthmag.com

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You are doing yourself more harm than good with your sedentary lifestyle. However, you can participate in various physical activities to elevate your health status. One way to achieve this is to perform fat burning exercises at home.

Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to some effective fat burning workout that you can carry out at your convenience. Why not do yourself a favor today, start taking home exercises more seriously, and you will be happy you did!

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