All The Better To See You With~Eye Update

I thought it was about time to do a quick update on how my eyes were doing. It’s been a little while since we’ve chatted about this and seeing as we’re actively doing a few things right now, well, I just thought I’d tell you what was what.

Last week I had a temporary Punctal Plug inserted into the tear duct of my right eye. This temporary plug dissolved over the week (which it was supposed to do) and I went back in today so my eye doc could check my eye and see if it was successful.

My problem has been mostly with my right eye. The texture of the surface of my right eye has changed from the nice, smooth surface that you’d expect to see on an eye to the surface of the outside of an orange peel. It was pitted and very uncomfortable.

We had tried various eye drops and all of that to no avail. Seeing as the vision in that eye had gone from 20/20 to 20/70, it was time to really hop on this….especially since I have an ultra in July and BFC in September!

We elected to try that temporary Punctal Plug last week and then recheck it today to see if the plug had helped any. Happy Dance that it had!!!

After a discussion, my eye doc decided that we would insert a “permanent” Punctal Plug today. What this thing does is blocks the tears from going crazy and evaporating too fast. This plug helps control the tears. Who knew, right?

When they insert this thing, they numb up your eye lid and then take a probe thingy (technical term) to kind of widen the tear duct to they can stick the plug down in your tear duct. #FunStuff

Apparently my eye is “bad” enough that we’re going to double whammy it.

Tomorrow I go back in and he’s going to put an Amniotic Membrane over my eye. After the Amniotic Membrane has been inserted, he’ll put a clear contact lens over the membrane to keep it in place. The Membrane is supposed to dissolve in 4-5 days and hopefully hydrate my eye like crazy. The theory is today’s plug should be able to maintain a happy statue quo after the membrane has done its job.

Apparently my vision is supposed to be pretty awful for a few days so I’m thinking my trail running plans for Saturday need to be rescheduled. I’ll stick to road miles Saturday. I already know what it’s like to run trails when I can’t see. LOL!!!

Fingers crossed that all of this does the trick!!!


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