Big Easy Mountain Marathon

Big Easy????? What the #@%&!!!!!!!!!

Big, yes. Easy, no!!

​If you are looking for a real adventure marathon in New Zealand, then this is the race for you to enter.  It has everything… punishing uphills, even more punishing downhills (20kms!), beautiful views as far as the eye can see, fantastic marshals, a gorgeous river run to finish, tonnes of brilliant spot prizes, and best of all, free beer as soon as you finish!

I really enjoyed this marathon. There was about a 13km section where there was no enjoyment, but for the rest of it, and definitely after, it was nothing less than amazing.

Sometimes I find it hard to describe in words how incredible something is.  There are only so many words to describe something beautiful, and I’m not good with words at the best of times.  So, I have put together this small video which I think sums up the whole event pretty well.  I hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask any questions or write any comments below.

For more information about the marathon, check out their website.

And if 42.2km is not enough for you, well, they do a 100km race too!!!

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