Birthday Challenge

19th of February, a date for your diary everyone!!! ¬†Not really, just my family and friends ūüėČ

Are you looking for a fun idea to celebrate your birthday???  So was I, so I hatched a plan.
I never really do anything for my birthday but this year I fancied doing something slightly wacky. I do enjoy partying and having a few drinks but time and time again, it becomes a bit repetitive.

I fancied a challenge, but nothing so exhausting it would take the fun out of the day.

It was my 33rd birthday, so why not base it around the number 33.

I did ponder over the idea of running 33km or 33 miles but then there is always the expectation that you will keep that up each year, and the thought of (if I make it that far) running 100miles when I’m a pensioner is not appealing.

Searching the internet for a running race that I could do on my birthday, I only had two options within New Zealand.  One was the hardest mountain marathon in the country (which happens to be in the town I live in) or the other was Wellington half marathon.  So I opted for a little holiday and off I flew!

‚ÄčRunning the half marathon gives me 13 points towards my 33 target. ¬†So I had to find a way of gathering 20 more. ¬†I love cycling and I knew this would be something I could convince my poor, dragged-around boyfriend to join me on. ¬†We¬†fought the temptation of e-bikes and rented two¬†mountain bikes to complete an 18km cycle to the beach and back.

‚ÄčWith only 2 points left to complete my challenge, the next part was the bit I was most looking forward to. ¬†While back in Queenstown, Googling ‘things to do in Wellington’ I came across this bizarre¬†contraption called a ‘Crocbike‘. ¬†Random! ¬†It’s too¬†tricky to explain, easier to look at the pics below. ¬†This was so much fun. ¬†You are only supposed to take them on the track around the bay area so it was a good job we only had to complete 2km. ¬†As two people pedal these machines, it’s pretty easy to build up speed. ¬†I’m pretty sure we broke the 10km/hr speed limit! ¬†13 + 18 + 2 = 33 ¬†HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

As well as finding a fun yet challenging way to celebrate my birthday, I also wanted to use this as an exciting way to open up my¬†fundraising page for my next big adventure. ¬†People often buy¬†gifts, send cards or get you a drink on your birthday, I¬†didn’t want any of that and donating to charity is far more meaningful. ¬†It’s not too late if you still want to donate!

This was such a great way to celebrate my birthday with my non-endurance-freak partner!  We had so much fun, saw the whole of the city and laughed to the point of tears.

‚ÄčAfter completing all¬†these bonkers exercises we¬†spruced ourselves up and explored the night life of Wellington. ¬†Travelling around the city all day meant we had sussed out where the good food and drink would be found. ¬†This windy city has beautiful waterfront bars and restaurants, with fantastic seafood and cocktails. ¬†It all got a bit messy from here on so this is where the¬†photos finish. ¬†I’d definitely recommend a trip to Wellington and a birthday fun challenge!

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Hopefully this has given you a little inspiration of how to turn your birthday into a unique day or weekend. ¬†I’m certainly never going to think of a birthday in the same way again.

And if you want to make a donation, no matter how big or small, towards giving education to girls in poverty in Sierra Leone and Uganda, please click here.  Thank you.  x

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