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I finally broke down and ordered a pair of Altra One 2.5′s. I hadn’t run in this particular model before because they’re a pretty minimalist shoe and I had always worn the Torin’s. The Torin’s have a little more “Oomph!” to them~more cushioning, if you will.

*Torin 2.5

To be honest, I was just a big chicken to try anything new.

Then the Escalante was released. After hearing such wonderful things about those, I had to give them a try and I loved them! They were a moderate cushioned shoe as opposed to the high cushioning of my beloved Torin’s. They also had that snazzy knit upper. It hugged my feet without squishing them. Sweet!!!


Still, that niggle in the back of my head said, “Live a little dangerously and try the One’s.”

I bit the bullet and ordered a pair!

*One 2.5

First off, how pretty are these shoes!?! They’re as light as a feather, too! The next day, I laced them up and took them for a test drive.

Seriously! I had the fastest run EVER!!! I think I’m going to bronze these shoes when they’re ready to be retired!

I got to thinking on this past Friday, my rest day, that maybe Thursday’s zippy run was a fluke. I had to know so yesterday morning, Saturday, I laced them up again for a Timed/HR zone 3 run. Again, I flew!!!

I was doing the happy dance! See, that means that if the stars align and everything goes well, I *might* not embarrass myself at the London Marathon! YAY!!!

The plan today was to write up a re-cap of this weeks training. I think I kind of got ahead of myself what with the new shoes thing. Needless to say, training this week was incredibly encouraging.

Paxton, my pudgy, necktie wearing puppy, had a birthday this past week. He’s seven years old now. Happy Birthday, Paxton!

We’ve had storms every day the end of this week and the temps have dropped 40* It’s a little chilly here right now.

This past Thursday evening, MFH (My Favorite Husband) went to let Paxton outdoors and casually mentioned, “There’s a large spider by the front door.” He was too casual so I hopped up to see for myself.

Yup! That was one big spider! *actual size*

I’m getting my ducks in their proverbial row for the London Marathon. One of the things I needed to do was order a stick pack of the orange Tailwind for the race.

I have fueled with Tailwind for close to a year now for all my training and racing. Seriously awesome stuff!!! Usually I order it in a big bag but TSA here in the United States tends to frown on the large bags. I order the stick packs. TSA doesn’t seem to mind the smaller packages. Getting stopped by TSA isn’t my idea of giggles and grins so I try to minimize my chances of drawing their ire.

MFH and I have been doing a Plank Challenge since October? Sometime this past fall. I *wish* I had to worry about drawing TSA’s attention for this!

My FB and Twitter friends have all been given a heads up that I’m going bonkers waiting for London to get here. They’re all so kind….and tolerant!

41 days until Race Day!!!

As race day draws near, I’m telling myself:

If I have run my best, I have succeeded.

Almost all the training miles are in the bank!  On race day my mantra will be:

I am #blessed


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