Chia Charge REVIEW: Fuelling Me Far

I’m going to be very straight with you guys, I really do love this brand. Whether it’s the chia seed flapjacks or cashew-coconut-chia nut butter, I’m a fan of EVERYTHING. Seriously, all the products just taste so good. Let me explain.

disclaimer: I was sent a sample pack of various items. All opinions are honest!

chia charge bars fuelling for athletes flapjacks seeds

These are the mini flapjacks- perfect for a small snack but you can also buy bigger sized ones to keep you going for longer.

Chia Nut Butter

We’ll start with my favourite of the lot: the coconut dream nut butter. I’ve been posting waaaay too many photos with this in it, but I’m not sorry. At all. 

It’s totally different in taste to other nut butters, in fact it almost has a slight sweetness about it, hence why I really like it. And that’s why I’ve been putting it on just about all the food I eat! 

chia charge nut butter with pancakes and bananas

Best combo: nut butter and pancakes.

Cashew nuts are also full of healthy fats, proteins and minerals, which makes this butter the perfect pre or post run snack when coupled with a banana or some toast. There’s also loads of chia seeds in there too, but I’ll let you read about their heath benefits right here. There’s a really cool video too!

Energy and Protein Bars

chia charge bars fuelling for athletes flapjacks duke of edinburgh food

They kept me going of DofE!

These bars might just about be the best snack around- and they don’t even taste like those chemical-ridden protein bars which are all to common on sports shop shelves. They’re natural and tasty, and come in a variety of different forms, all including those magical chia seeds. What’s not to like?

chia charge tshirt athlete teenrunner girl flapjacks

Snack stop in my t-shirt!!!

The flapjacks are number 1 for me, and not because I do generally just really like flapjacks. There’s no added sugar, flavours, anything like that: it’s all goodness (mainly oats and chia seeds). I would say that these flapjacks can sometimes be a little crumbly, but that really doesn’t matter for me!

Spoon of chia charge cashew nut butter for breakfast

Spoon of chia charge cashew nut butter for breakfast with my Fava mill granola and boost balls.

Out of the three flavours (banana, original, berry), my favourite flavour is the banana, but then the original is also up there.

chia charge berry flapjack with cranberries review

This is the berry bar. Although I did enjoy it, I found the cranberries quite strong so overall I preferred he other two varieties.

The protein bars are also pretty yummy: and at 10 grams of protein they’re also great for recovery after a tough session. However for me the flapjacks are the real winners.

protein bar chia charge athlete fuel

This is what the protein bar looks like.

So my overall advice: get buying these products- it’s definitely worth it. There’s nothing not to like, especially since the price is also surprising low. You can find them on the Chia Charge website which currently has a few deals on. They are also available at selected Ocado and Sweatshop stores.

chia charge original flapjack bar with sea salt review

Coffee breaks with the original mini-flapjack.

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