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    Jeff Stapleton is a barefoot running expert who has 10 years personal experience running barefoot and in minimalist footwear.

    Jeff has extensive experience in coaching and has a special interest in injury prevention. He uses his Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and 35+ years experience competing in elite-level athletics and teaching sports specific conditioning, to help his clients achieve their goals.

    During his 30 year coaching career he has successfully coached many of his clients to qualify for high profile events such as the Boston Marathon. He has also coached numerous elite level sports teams and individuals.

    Jeff is the founder of Natural Running Canada who specialize in forming proper run technique, strengthening running-specific muscles, increasing speed and distance, and safely incorporating the transition to a more efficient, barefoot running style. Jeff develops programmes for multiple age groups and has trained children as young as age 5 in his popular Youth Training Programme, which covers how to move safely and efficiently barefoot.


    • Designer of the Squat/Scoot method of mid-foot running
    • Minimalist Running workshop/seminar leader
    • Design race-specific running programmes for multiple age groups (8 – 60+)
    • 10 years’ personal experience running barefoot and in minimalist footwear
    • 35+ years’ experience competing in elite-level athletics, studying & teaching sports specific conditioning
    • Many of my clients have qualified for the Boston Marathon and other high profile events
    • Fitness coach for Canadian Davis Cup and Junior National tennis teams
    • Fitness coach for ATP Tennis pros, Bobby Hull, numerous elite level sports teams & individuals
    • Authored 2 fitness booklets published by Tennis Canada
    • Developed and demonstrated a sports specific training/injury rehab video produced by SPORTECTION Inc.
    • Honours degree Physical Education from McMaster U.
    • Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from University of Western Ontario
    • Member of the Advisory board at Barefoot-Science Inc.
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    MSc. Exercise Physiology
    Nationally Certified Level III Coach
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    Barefoot Running
    Injury Free Running
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