When I was a little kid and in elementary school, we would often make paper chains to count down the days to something exciting. Each day we would enter the classroom, tear off one of the rings and count the remaining rings to see how many days were left.

I’ve never outgrown doing that.

There was always a sense of accomplishment or something to tearing off that ring each day and counting the remaining rings!

This has carried over to my training. There’s nothing I love more than successfully completing a workout and mentally crossing it off on my training schedule. I guess I’m still a kid at heart?

The past two weeks have been tough. tough. tough for training. I mean, TOUGH!!! I knew I was getting close to taper time so last night I peeked ahead in my training schedule to see just how close I was. I needed to mentally make my paper chain. I needed to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

This kid was doing a huge happy dance when she realize that there was only 16 days left until beginning the taper! Only 16 days of medium and uber long training runs left!!!

I’ll be real candid here. I was about ready to throw in the towel and coast until taper. I’m fried! There’s no other way to say it.


Only 16 days!!!

That’s not so bad, right? We can hang in there for 16 more days!

Easy. Peasy!!!

So, here’s to putting in a solid effort for a few more weeks.

Here’s to working our tail off just a little bit longer!

We. Can. Do. This.

Brazos Bend 100….39 days!



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