CrossFit: Top Tips for Getting Started

Starting CrossFit?

CrossFit is the latest fitness trend to be taking the world by storm. It is a great way to get in shape. Not only does it increase muscle mass and blast calories, it is also a really fun and social workout.

Most of us now have a friend that is a CrossFit devotee. We will hear them talk about the ‘AMRAP they did at their box’ or ‘ways to improve their snatch’.

If you nod along politely but are secretly curious about how you can get into CrossFit – you have come to the right place!

Stu Wyper, a CrossFit Level 2 fitness instructor, shares with us what you should consider when starting out.

CrossFit Qualifications of the Coaching Staff

CrossFit: Top Tips for Getting Started | Ex Military Trainer | Linked FitnessOne of the first things you should find out about with any potential gym, or “box” as they call them in CrossFit, is what training courses the coaching staff currently have and whether they are a legit CrossFit affiliate.

Just because they say “CrossFit” on their website, it doesn’t automatically mean they are a CrossFit gym. Unfortunately, there are many “pretenders” out there who claim to be a CrossFit affiliate but aren’t actually certified.

Ask the gym what qualifications their instructors currently have and what other qualifications are on their to-do list to develop their coaching skills further.

The minimum qualification in Australia for any affiliated CrossFit gym is the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s course. This course teaches coaches the 9 fundamental movements which make up the foundations of CrossFit training and methodology.

Most affiliates in Australia prefer their staff to hold a minimum of a Certificate III Fitness in fitness. They must also have a current senior first aid certificate for public liability insurance purposes.

To be an affiliate gym they must register with CrossFit and show up on the CrossFit affiliate finder page.

Getting Value for Money at CrossFit?

CrossFit: Top Tips for Getting Started | Ex Military Trainer | Linked FitnessCrossFit isn’t cheap to get into. In Australia, membership prices can range from $160 up to $400 per month to train at a gym.

Although the top end may be expensive, you should not let price be your sole driving factor in selecting a gym. Just because they are the most expensive, doesn’t mean they are the best. On the flip side, just because they are the cheapest doesn’t mean you’re getting great value for money.

When you are discussing membership packages you should see what each gym offers. Is it cheaper because you can only attend 2 classes per week?

Is it more expensive because you have access to workshops, skills sessions, and extra specialty classes and so on?

Some other questions you should ask when you inquire about joining a potential gym are;

  • How long have they been a CrossFit affiliate gym for;
  • How long have they been coaching people for;
  • What made them want to open up an affiliate; and
  • Why do they charge what they charge?

Once you are ready to join up, remember that most affiliates offer a free trial class. This will allow you to get a taste of what it is all about.

This will also give you a chance to see what kind of coaches they have and if you like the vibe you get whilst you’re at the gym. Always try before you buy as every gym will give you a different experience.

Every CrossFit Gym is Different

CrossFit: Top Tips for Getting Started | Ex Military Trainer | Linked FitnessCrossFit is a big community based group of likeminded people who just want to get fit and healthy. The beauty about CrossFit is that it’s not a franchise so it gives each individual affiliate owner a creative license to program and coach in their own individual ways.

Some gyms have more experience than others, some cater for more competitive type athletes, some are just finding their feet, and some are well established and have been operating for several years.

The way one gym does business is most likely going to be slightly different to how another gym operates. Do some thorough research and, if you don’t like something about a gym, try a few others and see which one is the best fit for you.

Make Sure you’re Happy at CrossFit

At the end of the day you want to make sure that the money you are paying for membership is giving you the best value you can afford.

You want to know that you can train hard and have the peace of mind that your coaches are teaching you the correct techniques required to keep you safe and sound.

One of the main reasons why you go to the gym to get in shape, but the best part about the CrossFit community is that you will meet new people and have a blast while you train.

You want to be able to turn up, train hard, have fun, and not have to worry about the things that a good coach should take care of for you.

Once you find the right gym and instructors, it’s time to give CrossFit a crack. Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment out of training, as I do coaching it.

About Stu Wyper

CrossFit: Top Tips for Getting StartedStu has a military background of 12 years service in the Royal Australian Air Force.

He discovered CrossFit in 2010 and his dedication to fitness has allowed him to complete the transition from full time military service maintaining aircraft, to a full time staff member at SF Gym, Perth.

He is a fully qualified personal trainer and is extremely passionate about health and fitness. Mobility and Olympic Weightlifting are two areas where he excels and he has attended several courses to further his knowledge in those areas to give his clients the highest standards of coaching.

Stu is available for one on one coaching, small group training, and mobility sessions. He can assist you with any tricky movements or techniques that you may find yourself struggling with during the classes.

To get more information about Stu and the SF Gym go to their website

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