Duck Weather Running

We are in drought conditions here in Mississippi. Our last measurable rainfall was over 80 days ago.

It. Is. Dry.

I do have to admit that during the summer, having dry training runs, runs where I didn’t have to deal with soggy feet and shoes from rain, was very nice. I got spoiled.

Well, guess what? My luck just ran out.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled for 28 miles. 28 is a nice, healthy distance and I enjoy running it BUT we’re scheduled for thunderstorms and rain most of the day.

YAY, me?

I call running in rain, duck weather running. Let’s face it, the only creature who truly enjoys that kind of soggy weather is a duck.

Tomorrow morning, I will lace up my running shoes and splash through puddles for those 28 miles. I will pretend I am a duck and tell myself I am having a terrific time! Besides, we really, really(!) need the rain.

14 days until I leave for Texas and the Brazos Bend 50 miler! Just call me the alligator whisperer.

After the 50M, I will fly to Colorado, meet up with MFH (My Favorite Husband) and spend a week with #1 Daughter and her #1 Fiance’ This will be a huge treat! I haven’t been out to visit them in a year. Can’t wait!!! Before that trip, there’s still the small matter of about 200 miles (give/take) to run before I hop on that plane.

A lot of exciting things in store and packed into a short amount of time!!!

Best wishes to you and yours during this busy but wonderful holiday season!


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