First Long Run of 2017

So Christmas and new years is out of the way now and training has commenced again. I wont lie and say I kept to my training over Christmas because I did not there was just too much nice food to enjoy!

A run through the countryside was great to start although the fields being extremely muddy made it hard to get through. I made it to Farnborough Hall in 1 hour 23 mins After having to check the map a few times.

I unfortunately couldn’t see anything once I got to the house.  Bad fog meant visibility was down to about 20 metres so I cracked on and made my way home along the canal path. The last few mile took a toll on my calf’s and my legs were feeling heavy.

This was my furthest run for around 2 Months now and surprise my self how I felt once I finished. I managed it in 3 hours and 16 miles which isn’t bad and something to work on and with scenery and trails like today it just motivates me to get out again next week and run!

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