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    Running blog written by Emma Timmis. Here’s how Emma describes herself:

    I am a normal person.

    I have run across Africa, twice, ish.

    And since then I seem to find myself in a continuous cycle of adventurous exploits.  From cycling to hiking, climbing to skating, running, jumping, dancing and prancing.  I have a passion for travel and try to make my journeys as active as possible.  I have a desire to see the world but don’t want to view it through a car window, flying past at 60mph.

    My next big adventure, due to begin on August 25th 2017, is to ride an Elliptigo 8,000km across Australia.  Yep, I know what you’re thinking, thats a bloody long way!! That’s what I’m thinking too, and uber excited about it!  More info here.

    If you want to track my adventure you can see my location on my live tracker here: https://z6z.co/elliptigoz

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