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    Running blog written by Linda Doke. Here’s how Linda describes herself:

    Twenty-two years of running ultras has helped me grow. They’ve toughened, scared, exhilarated, humbled, and taught me how much there is still to learn – about everything.

    My running has taken me to incredible places in crazy corners of the world, enabled me to meet some fantastic people and experience magical sights.

    There’ve been too many breathless moments to keep count – as many from the beauty I’ve seen as from the thin air gasped during those moments.

    Running is my passion, my life, the very rhythm that pulses the blood in my veins.

    For me, the mix of highs and lows, challenges and achievements are a microcosm of life being lived to the full.

    Running is what blows my hair back, and makes me feel alive.

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