Fitness & Running Blog Awards 2018

Every year thousands of fitness enthusiasts share their thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences in a personal blog.

In recognition of the contribution that these dedicated bloggers make to the health and fitness community, there are a number of blogging awards which reward their good work.

If you know someone who deserves a nomination for a blog award or you just want to browse some of the top fitness blogs, here is a list of the best fitness and running blog awards for 2018.

1) The 2018 Running Awards

Best Running Blogs | The Running Awards 2018 | Linked Fitness

The Running Awards were set up to identify and recognise the best in running every year.

Using the running public’s nominations and votes, The Running Awards panel create a definitive lists for all runners to consult for their every need – Races, Shoes, Technology, Literature, Clothes, Nutrition, Communities, Charities and more.

The Running Awards include a Blog category. All blogs must be running related and be currently active (had a new post within the last 6 months.)

Voting (except charity categories) is open until 15th March 2018.

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2) RunUltra Blogger Awards 2018

RunUltra are now in their third year of running their own blogger awards.

They are asking the running community for help them to find the best bloggers and writers about long distance running and ultras worldwide.

Voting is open until 23.59 on 14th January 2017.

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3) UK Blog Awards

The UK Blog Awards began in 2014. They were created to recognise true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of 17 UK industries.

The awards provide the opportunity for bloggers to be acknowledged and recognised as a true knowledge provider within their industry.

There are a number of categories included in the awards including Sports and Fitness, Lifestyle, and Health and Social Care.

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