Food Choices and Drinks for a Great Christmas Party

It’s a Christmas season and everyone is getting ready for parties and excited about food and drinks. Here in this article we have discussed some awesome food and drink ideas that you could adopt at your Christmas party. It will make your Christmas party more classy, and stylish in terms of food and drinks.

Mince Pies

You can make your own dish of mince pies instead of buying standard pies from the store. It will give your dish a unique effect. You can make this easily at home by yourself and could add your favorite ingredients in it by replacing the top pastry with meringue. You can also add some dark chocolate and hazelnuts to a mixture while making it. That will give it a unique effect, and make it more yummy and tasty.

Egg Nog

Just like making a dish of mince pies you can opt to make some of the traditional dishes. By making simple and easy eggnog in numerous different ways; you can add hot chocolate to the mixture for giving the dish a twist. You can sweeten the eggnog by adding some white chocolate, or you can also add some more bitterness into the dish by adding dark chocolate. After the dish is ready to serve the eggnog in martini glasses for making an eggnog martini, or you can say very sophisticated!


Gingerbread dishes are another simple ways due to which you could make in your Christmas party. You could add all decoration ingredients into gingerbread to make it look more attractive. Another way is to just place all ingredients besides it and allow guests to add decorations of their own choice.

Christmas Brownies

You can also opt to make Christmas brownies that are the simplest dish which you can easily make and is loved by everyone, especially on the occasion of Christmas. You can add strawberries on top of it so that it will look more attractive to your guests.

Hot Chocolate

You can place hot chocolate in your Christmas party so that your guests could feel more warmth especially in the season of winter. You can place different kinds of chocolates like you can place spirits and liqueurs so people can select what they have to eat according to their specific tastes.

Mulled Wine

Where you will place all these dishes in your Christmas party, how can you forget about placing drinks? Without drinks, the celebration will be incomplete for sure. You can opt for mulled wine and place it in wine bottle cooler, so guests could get cold drinks.

Candy Cane Cocktail

Another drink option which you could add to your party is candy cane cocktail. This drink of candy cane cocktail is usually made up of infusing vodka along with candy canes. You can also add milk, some white chocolate, or any peppermint liqueur, few cranberries in it to make it more delicious. This will make your party menu complete and yummy. 

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