Gym Exercises for Over 50’s

I have a series of videos showing fundamental exercises for the newcomer to gyms in the wonderful over 50 age group.

All three are designed to be viewed by the total newcomer, although those used to training may also pick up some information. And perfect for you fantastic quintastics!

Introduction to Gym Exercises for Over 50’s

In this video I introduce Manoj Ketkar, a newcomer to the gym, to the benefits of resistance training to him as an over 50 year old.

Push Group Exercises

The next video moves onto discussing some fundamental exercises that involve the Push motion to activate muscle groups. These are principally for chest, triceps and parts of the shoulders.

Pull Group Exercises

In this video, I introduce some fundamental exercises for the Pull group of muscles – the back, biceps and rear part of the shoulders. These exercises are fine for any age group, but I particularly have in mind newcomers to resistance training of the over 50 age group.

Lower Body Exercises

Finally, we look at training for legs – covering quads, hamstrings and calf muscles.

To view more exercise videos, check out my YouTube Channel or visit my website Fitness Over Fifty.

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