London Marathon training – Week 1

Although I haven’t really been ‘not’ training, this week marked the beginning of my formal build up to the 2017 London Marathon in April.

It’ll be my second marathon but my first proper training plan. Last year’s preparation was scuppered right from the start because of injury, meaning I couldn’t even begin until Valentine’s Day. I was out for 7-8 weeks and so started literally from scratch, only managing 86 miles in total before the big day.

Sunday, 1st January, 2017 (2 miles)
It was with some excitement that I kicked things off on New Years’ Day with a little two mile run. This run was actually scheduled for the Monday night but I brought it forward because it felt right given the date?

I wasn’t entirely hopeful about doing well. I’d only gone out for six runs during the entire month of December due to illness, so I feared I’d be considerably ring rusty.

But, much to my surprise, it was quite good. Yes, it was only two miles but the rest was obviously good for me, I felt really fresh and wanted to carry on for longer.

A year ago I would have done, but it was that sort of foolhardy attitude that caused me to get injured in the first place so I decided to stick to the plan.

Wednesday, 4th January, 2017 (2.3 miles)
Although London is flat part of my training involves tackling the Hastings Half Marathon – and Hastings is *not* flat.

So, with that in mind, I decided that today would be hill day this week. I’m lucky that I live close to a main road that fairly closely replicates the hills in Hastings so it’s good to practice on.

The idea was to go up the hill and then sprint back down again until my time was up. Things were going swimmingly for a while. I was going up the slope at a fair old rate of knots and then letting my legs go loose on the way down, just to see what they were capable of.

However, after a couple of laps, I got bored so decided just to run into the town centre pretty certain that my earlier exertions would come back to bite me on the backside on the latter part of the run …. which they did.

I slowed right up and just clock watched until the end. But, it was no bad thing, not really. No pain, no gain, right?

Friday, 6th January, 2017 (3 miles)
The less said about this one the better. I was irritated from the start, my running belt fell off, my watch took it upon itself to randomly save my run and then reset itself and, TMI alert, my lack of pre-run visit to the little boys room made things a little difficult for the final few minutes!!!!

I wanted to throw my head up and just finish early but I didn’t which was at least one plus point from it.

I’ll file this one away under Character Building.

Sunday, 8th January, 2017 (5 miles)
My first long run, a princely five miles.

I hadn’t gone as far as that since the middle of December and whilst I’ve done it many times I was still a little daunted by the thoughts of it, although I generally feel like that ahead of any run!

Unable to sleep, I was up and out at just after 6am. The empty roads and footpaths appealed to me, and getting the run done would mean the rest of the day was my own.

I didn’t really enjoy it, if I’m being honest. Possibly my legs were still sleeping, my problem left calf felt tight, I felt like I was striking the ground at an angle, my breathing was laboured etc. etc.

Very early on I lost the mental battle and had convinced myself it was a rubbish run. I looked for any excuse to take a short walking break- even for a few seconds – because I had got it into my head that there was no point busting a gut since it was already a poor run.

Yet, it wasn’t. Although still a few minutes behind my PB for the distance it was my fastest 5-miler since November 2015 which pleased and frustrated me in equal measure, what could I have done if my head had been right?

So, all in all, not a bad week despite a few irritations and frustrations. I was able to take something positive from each run which has given me a good base upon which to build.

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    Well done on completing your first week of training @martin_harris! It’s hard to get going again when you have been unwell but looks like you are getting back on track 🙂

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