London Marathon training – Week 2

Well, I say week two but, in reality, it was only half a week.

Monday’s planned run didn’t happen. I had gone almost the entirety of Sunday night without getting any sleep. That’s not unusual for me and, normally, I can catch up during the day which is one of the few perks of working from home.

But not this time. I had to attend a meeting in Belfast in the morning and that kept me out most of the day. I did return home mid-afternoon so I decided to grab a couple of hours sleep in the hope that’d perk me up before heading to running club in the evening.

Not so. Yes, I woke in time but I felt awful, there was no way I could have run. I was gutted to have missed out but it was the sensible decision. I know I could have gone out on Tuesday instead but I really didn’t feel any better.

Wednesday, 11th January, 2017 (3.1 miles)
I wasn’t really wanting to miss another day. The weather forecast wasn’t great for the rest of the day so I decided to get up and get out as early as I could, even if it was blowing a gale, at least it wasn’t rain or snow.

The wind did make it difficult at times, especially with my breathing but that’s to be expected I supposed. Maybe it’s time to invest in a buff or scarf or whatever you call them.

As I said, the wind did present problems. One moment I was getting blown along, the next it felt I was running headlong into a wind tunnel. That made it challenging on my legs, not really able to get into a proper rhythm. In all honesty, by the end, I was knackered, I was exhausted and I was wheezing.

That said, pace wise I did ok. Not fantastic but not awful either, just a satisfying workout. And at least it was over and done with for the day. That felt good. It was also my second 6am run in a row, this could be getting addictive!

Unfortunately the weather really did take a turn for the worst after that. The next three days were wiped out because of snow and subsequent freeze. Indeed, Ballymena seemed to be particularly hard hit with even parkrun being called off.

Thankfully, the temperature being to rise on Saturday evening and this coupled with the not insignificant overnight rain made conditions a lot more run friendly on Sunday.

Soggy Sunday morning trainers!

Sunday, 15th January, 2017 (6.2 miles)
According to my plan, today was scheduled to be a 10k. I decided just to go for it anyway despite missing two runs this week. Probably not ideal preparation but it’s nothing I haven’t tackled a fair few times before.

However, mindful of the fact I hadn’t run since Wednesday, I decided to go extremely cautiously. Today wasn’t about speed, it was all about getting the miles in my legs. I am training for an endurance event, after all.

From that point of view the run was quite successful. At the halfway point I was three minutes down on my normal 5k pace. Normally that would seriously annoy me but it didn’t today. Yes, I wasn’t over the moon about it but I was pleased to be keeping a consistent pace, something I maintained for the entirety of the run.

Because I hadn’t run much over the past week I’ll admit to the latter stages of the run being difficult. It’s one thing having fresh legs but you also need to have them conditioned to doing a particular distance and I perhaps paid for my lack of running this week.

That said, despite not being totally happy with my time, I did finish a full three minutes faster than my last stand alone 10k and set a new record for my watch. I suppose that isn’t bad after a week of relative non activity.

Adapted from my blog: Huff, Puff and Shuffle

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