Move It Or Lose It: No Excuses

We’ve all heard people say that at one time or another: “Move It Or Lose It!”

For some people that’s enough motivation to get them off the sofa and start moving.

For other people, they look at you and think, “meh.”

There are days that I very seriously want to be a couch potato! Seriously!!! The though of sitting on my rumpatootis all day long and not doing my assigned training run sounds pretty amazing.

What do you do to maintain your motivation? What makes you tick? How do you keep going with your training so you don’t “lose it?” I mean, seriously, who wants to be that person shuffling along in the store because they can barely walk OR the person who rides a motorized scooter because they don’t want to even try to walk?

Not this kid!

You’re probably wondering what got me going on this?

I just watched the most AMAZING competition between two men. Both are WWII veterans. One man is in his mid 90’s, the other is 100 years old and they have a rivalry that will trump any rivalry anywhere!!!

These are the kind of people that make me get up and lace up my running shoes. These are the people that prove to me that I CAN do this no matter my age. These guys are my heroes.

They didn’t give up. They didn’t sit on the sofa because of the number of candles on their birthday cake. Nope! They kept active. They kept trying!

These two men are proof that you can run or be active no. matter. what.

Much respect to these two guys and the other seniors setting stellar examples for us!

Life goal: To be setting world records on the track well into my 90’s!




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