I guess it was about 2 years ago that I started a Facebook page for Mississippi runners. TBH, I didn’t have a clue what to call it. I thought frantically…grasping at straws. What was it that most runners connect with/agree upon?


A lot of runners will drink some coffee to get their insides doing their thing so they don’t have to worry about “The Drop” during a run. This article explains “The Drop.”


Coffee is also thought to improve running performance! Either way, a cup of two of joe is a good thing so I decided to title my group, Have Coffee: Will Run.

We have the most incredible group of primarily Mississippi runners in this group! We have a few people from outside Mississippi but for the most part, we’re all from within the state.

Trying to think back but I’m guessing around the holidays I thought it would be nice if we had something that represented our group. A lot of groups have shirts but for some reason, I thought that a coffee mug would be nice. I mean, we ARE a coffee/running group, right?

I went online and found a place where you could design different things and came up with our coffee mugs. They came out great!!! *A lady in our group was a HUGE help in making these mugs a reality. Thank you so much, Donna!!!

We had placed our mug order and were waiting for them to arrive when the Mississippi Blues Marathon date arrived.

As a group, we had BIG plans for the Blues weekend. The race, of course, was first and foremost. The Blues is a terrific event and we were all excited about running it. We also had a pre race dinner planned for the evening before the race.

The day before the race arrived, Mississippi got a freak ice storm. I mean It. Was. Bad. The Blues was forced to cancel the event. We were sad but there was no way anybody had any business driving for dinner in that storm let alone racing! The Blues made the smart (albeit tough) call to pull the plug on the race. We had to cancel our dinner as well.

This brings us to this past Friday evening. We had all missed getting to see each other in January and I had made a promise to get myself down to the Jackson area after the London Marathon so we planned on a make up pizza dinner!!! What a terrific idea, right?

We all met (close to 30 of us) at a local pizza place for dinner on Friday evening. What a super fun time!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had! The pizza place had reserved their large room for us and we filled it to the tippy top! How awesome is that!?!

The top pic is our group pic before we all left to go home. A few people had already left but most of us are there.

I thought it would be fun to simply share with you the pics from our pizza party. We are a group of new runners, young runners, not so young runners, fast runners, not so fast runners (me), experienced runners, race walkers…We are a family! We encourage each other, cheer for each other, pray for each other and laugh with each other.

There aren’t words to tell how much I appreciate having each and every one of these people in my life and how completely awesome I think they all are!!!


HUGE thank you’s to these incredible people and they joy they have brought into my life!!!


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