Top Picks: Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Reports

Thinking about taking part in the Myrtle Beach Marathon or already signed up? We have collected together the best race reports on the web to help you prepare for race day!

1) Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Report

Top Picks: Best Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Reports | Linked Fitness

Discombobulated Running

I did it! I ran marathon number nine and have the hobble to prove it!

In my last post I was letting you all that I didn’t have a great training cycle. Which, while it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t exactly chopped liver either. I had five solid weeks and one 20 miler. I would have liked more than that, but I went into this race knowing it wouldn’t be a PR and that really took off a lot of pressure. I had an A+ goal of sub 4, but told myself that anything under 4:15 would be fantastic. Read More >

2) Marathon – Running A Sub Four Hour Marathon – Myrtle Beach Marathon

Top Picks: Best Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Reports | Linked Fitness

Brian’s Running Adventures

Running a sub-four hour marathon in a dream location. There are some races that you size up and target for a good day. The elite runners call them goal or feature races. Coming off my second sub four-hour marathon at the City of Oaks Marathon in November, I wanted a spring race that would provide an opportunity to repeat that performance. Myrtle Beach Marathonwith is advertised flat and face course seemed like the perfect stage for another sub four or maybe even a new personal record. Myrtle Beach Marathon on March 4th become my feature race. Read More >

3) Myrtle Beach Marathon 2017

Top Picks: Best Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Reports | Linked Fitness


ISN’T LIFE SURREAL Y’ALL!? Man oh man. I kind of can’t believe that I have sat down to write this post. I genuinely just keep asking Tanner if that was me and my body that crossed the finish line in 3 hours and 5 minutes and 59 seconds, and while we are talking about this time, can we discuss something? When someone asks me what my PR is, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY? I mean CLEARLY my PR is a 3:06 now, but it’s in that 3:05 window and who likes to round up??! Read More >

4) The Unplanned Marathon: Myrtle Beach Marathon

Top Picks: Best Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Reports | Linked Fitness

Cecilia on the Run

I had just finished slipping on my Pure Barre sticky socks and placed my purse and shoes in my usual cubby when my phone dinged with a new text message.  I quickly checked it as the loud thumping music signaled that class was starting in just a few short minutes.

“Want to come run Myrtle Beach with me in 2 weeks?”

It was my friend, Claudia, who by the way, introduced me to the idea of running 50 marathons in 50 states. Read More >

5) Myrtle Beach Marathon Review

Best Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Reports | Reviews | Linked Fitness

50 after 40

Packet pick-up was held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, a few blocks from where the race would start and finish.  It was very well organized, with many of the typical vendors you find at medium-sized marathons.  There was music playing in the background, and all of the vendor tables were spaced so it was not too crowded as you made your way around.

I try very hard to keep criticism to a minimum when writing race reviews on this blog (with the exception of the Rocket City Marathon of course).  Read More >

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