Out Of Order

Sorry about not blogging for a little while. My blog was out of order. I’ll fill you in on the details because they’re kinda funny?

See, MFH (My Favorite Husband) is in charge of the domain for our blogs (he has one, too: http://w0ep.us/OM/) and for our Radio Station: WMFH-LP Classic Book Radio: http://www.wmfhlp.org/

He had received an email about a problem on one of the sites and without really thinking about it, he just deleted the file.

That file was my blog.


Funny how on that exact day, I sat down to write up a blog. When I tried to log in, my blog was *POOF*

I asked MFH about it and he immediately knew what happened. He felt awful. I mean, he really felt AWFUL!!! The rest of that day and all evening, he worked and worked to restore my blog. I felt so bad for him because he felt so bad.

Long story short and $80.00 later to GoDaddy, he has the blog back in working order and we learned a lesson: Always check first before blindly deleting.

Seeing as everything is working again, I’ll fill you in on what I was going to tell you about a week ago.

Let’s see…the better part of a month ago, I met with this man.

Super nice guy! We chatted for well over an hour. See, he was interviewing me for a story for a little local paper that our 4 County Power Association puts out. We talked. We had some laughs. He took LOTS of pics. *model material I am not but he took lots of pics anyway*

A few days later we met one more time for just a few more pics and he called it done and he wrote up the story.

Last week, I went to my mailbox and on page 10b and 10c, there was the story! It was the “centerfold” story! LOL!!! I was a centerfold girl! Who would have thought that would ever happen!?!

This is the link to read the story on page 10b and 10c: http://www.todayinmississippi.com/archives/issue

He had heard about how I had dropped a few pounds (170lbs) over a 3.5 year period of time. How I had received a new lease on life through eating smart and making myself become more active.

6 years ago this coming Labor Day I will be celebrating my Runniversary! 6 years since I took my very first steps in becoming a runner!

He wrote up the story about the running and about how Aiden and I became running buddies (#IRun4Aiden).

It’s hard to look back to MFH’s and my move to Mississippi 8 years ago. To realize just how unhealthy I was and how this move saved my life~literally!

I think back to the Colorado days. I remember trying to snag a family member to put my shoes on my feet and tie them for me because I was too big to be able to bend over and do it myself.

I remember the day when I looked down in the shower and could see my feet again!

I remember after losing 70 pounds and feeling absolutely svelte because I was out of the 200 pounds and in onederland!

I remember trying on size 24 jeans and finding them too big!

I remember 3.5 years later trying on size 00 jeans and finding they fit perfect!

Who was this new person!?!

I DO know she’s determined. Tenacious. I know she’s not taking life for granted. I know she’s not afraid of a challenge and is facing life head on.

This new person laughs more. She loves more. She appreciates what she has. She’s happy!!!

….and she’s very blessed to run for Aiden


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