Part Two: London Through This Mississippi Girl’s Eyes

After two complete posts about London, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t FINALLY talk about my friend Lou. Lou is the absolute best!!!

This kind and generous lady offered ~way back when I found out I would be running the London Marathon~to have MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I stay at her place for part of our trip. THAT, my friends is way above and beyond! She made our stay so awesome and I can’t thank her enough!!!

On race day, Lou and her son met up with MFH and together they traveled to different spots along the course to see me running and to cheer me on!

Totally made my day!!!

After the race, the four of us went to a pub where I got my post race beer.

The pub was insanely crowded!!! We had so much fun!

After the pub, MFH took a pic of Lou, her son and I. We were laughing about something but I don’t have a clue what it was.

Lou, if you read this: I’ll never be able to thank you enough for making our trip and the race so special! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

After MFH and I returned to our hotel, I discovered that something I had noticed previously but thought that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal was a VERY big deal. It’s kind of silly but NOT when you’re getting all stiff from running a marathon. The bathtubs in the UK are TALL!!! I’m. Not.

Remember those wedding vows that go something like: “For Better. For Worse….” Yea, those. MFH saw the worse.

“Sweetie, can you help me into the tub?” *I smelled soooo bad!*

“Sweetie, can you help me out of the tub?”

I was pathetic!


That shower sure felt good, though!

The morning after the race, Lou picked us up and took us to her house for the remainder of our visit. It was there we met her puppy, Diffy. Diffy is awesome and he loved MFH! We brought him a necktie from Paxton! Shhh….don’t tell Paxton. He doesn’t know he was sharing his neckties.

What a handsome puppy!!!

Now, Lou had to work so MFH and I took the train into London. She lives outside of London but the train station was only a 10-15 minute walk from her house.

While we were riding the train, I saw tons of sheep! For some reason, I loved that!

We saw a lot of house boats, too! *Sorry about the fuzzy pic. The train was moving kind of fast.

There was a lot of pretty scenery on those train rides!

The United Kingdom is a very pretty place!

This brings us to Wednesday and our last full day in London. MFH and I hopped on the train to London to meet up with a friend. This guy and I have been trying to meet, what is it Dipak? Four years? Something ALWAYS happens and for one reason or another, plans fall through.

This time it didn’t!

We FINALLY were able to met In Real Life!

What a treat!!!

He took lots of pics with his incredibly fancy camera. I was afraid to even look at that camera for fear of breaking it~it was that fancy!

Here’s a few of the pics he took: He caught me trying to take a selfie with a pigeon.

MFH and I at St. Paul’s Cathedral~I very seriously love this pic!

Of course, Dipak and I had a pic at the same place. *it was sooo cold that day!

He took some pics of me with my finishers medal!

Model material I am not~but being photographed in front of the church where Princess Diana was married is pretty cool beans stuff!!!

Through Dipak, I was able to meet another new friend. Martin. Martin, you’re totally awesome!!!

*Martin, the airlines ate my Leicester sticker! I’m a sad panda!!!

We squeezed all of this amazing stuff into 10 short days. All of a sudden, it was time to go home. ’

Noooo!!! We just got here!

Lucky for us, our first (the uber long flight) from the UK was one of those fancy double decker planes and it wasn’t even half full! We had wiggle room for that long flight.

By the time our last flight for home was being called, we were fried. LOL!!! We were so tired!!!

I kept telling myself, just one more flight and three hours driving and we’re home. We can do that!

They kept the lights dimmed on our last flight, a short one and I slept.

We grabbed our luggage at the airport. We TRIED to remember where we parked the car. *why is it you can never remember where you parked!?!

Finally, we were settled in the car and driving for home.


We pulled into the drive. Stumbled into the house and….


Thanks for tagging along on our London Trip! This truly was the trip of our lifetime!!!


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