Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with Matt Lovett & Ross Gray

This week’s Personal Trainer Zone features aps Fitness founders Matt Lovett & Ross Gray.

Discover how Matt & Ross started their career in the fitness industry and be inspired by their answers to your FAQs.

1) What was your inspiration for beginning a career in the fitness industry and becoming a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer Zone with Matt Lovett and Ross Gray | aps Fitness | Linked Fitness CommunityWe both originally developed an interest in training to become a Personal Trainer as a result of a mutual love of sport and being fit.

We met at University, boxed together and also worked out together.

That lead to being interested in feeling awesome as well as performing your best.

From this we naturally gravitated towards and fell in love with helping others trying to travel the same path.

It’s a fantastic feeling being a personal trainer and helping someone navigate the tricky landscape of feeling, performing, and looking their best.

2) How many days a week do you recommend working out?

There’s so many factors that go in to this and as a result, it’s hard to give one particular answer.

The closest we could get for the general public is to try and do some low intensity movement every day and some higher intensity movement 2-3 times per week.

The best answer is to find the movement schedule that’s practical for you and your current life. Also, be prepared as this will undoubtedly change over time.

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3) How long should I rest between workouts?

Ha ha, we’re going to have to say it depends again. With the above example of some high intensity movement 2-3 days per week you could rest one day in between, but if you’re still tired or sore from the last workout then rest some more.

In today’s world, people MASSIVELY undervalue rest!

4) What is your favourite piece of equipment in the gym and why?

Well we have all sorts of kit and so it tends to change all the time.

Personal Trainer Zone with Matt Lovett and Ross Gray | aps Fitness | Linked Fitness CommunityRoss: I’m loving the swiss ball right now, to be honest it’s always near the top of the list. It has such a range of uses from early stage rehab all the way to top end performance training.

Mastering balance reflexes is great physiologically and it’s just good fun figuring out balance challenges which always helps with consistent adherence.

Matt: At the moment I’m really in a using your own body phase. It’s so important to be able to move and control your own body and most people are actually pretty bad at it so your body is a great bit of gym kit to get familiar with.

Though, there’s so much kit out there to have fun with, we’ll probably change our answer in a week’s time!

5) What do you recommend to eat before and after a gym session?

Oh this is an easy one. Food. And some water too.

6) What is your top piece of nutritional advice for weight loss?

Don’t overcomplicate it! Eat real food and cut out the excess (meaning only eat when you’re hungry and eat enough to satisfy the hunger).

7) What is the most common injury you see with your clients and what advice can you offer for prevention?

Personal Trainer Zone with Matt Lovett and Ross Gray | aps Fitness | Linked Fitness CommunityRoss: At the minute, I’m seeing a lot of shoulder injuries. Best bit of advice is to develop or maintain good levels of thoracic movement.

The health of the shoulder is so closely linked to the freedom of the spine that if you’re stiff in your thoracic (as most people are) then there’s a good chance your shoulders won’t be functioning at their best.

Matt: As always there’s a lot of low back pain around too. One of the keys here will be increasing your levels of core stability.

Being unstable not only leads to excessive movement in the low back, causing tension, but also will cause other muscle groups to overwork and get too tight, causing movement dysfunction and pain.

8) What is your favourite stretch and why?

Ha ha, I don’t think we’ve ever been asked our favourite stretch! Our favourite stretch is just the one that you need at the time.

Stretching isn’t really the most fun we can have with movement but assessing someone and finding the right stretch for their particular issue is pretty cool.

In terms of trying to find one answer, the stretch that would benefit a tonne of people is the 90/90 hip stretch.

9) How do you develop individualised training plans for your clients?

Firstly, we talk to clients and get to know them. Then we do a full assessment to see exactly how their body moves around.

After that you get to know them better by watching them move each session and adapting things as you go.

10) What are the main services that aps Fitness provides to their clients?

The main services we provide are personal training, classes, personal workout programmes and also workshops.

About Matt Lovett & Ross Gray

Personal Trainer Zone with Matt Lovett and Ross Gray | aps Fitness | Linked Fitness CommunityMatt has always had a keen interest in fitness. Since gaining a degree in Sports Management and becoming a Personal Trainer, Matt has been fine tuning an approach to training that allows him to obtain high performance and optimal health. He has built up a wealth of knowledge that he uses to help other people achieve their goals.

Ross enjoys a life dominated by sports. His passion lies in living a vibrant, healthy life through a holistic approach. He combines the knowledge gained from his degree in Sports Science with his personal and professional experience to help others discover their true potential.

Both Matt and Ross created aps Fitness in March 2011. Their mission is to help anyone who spires to change their lives through improving their health, body shape, athletic performance or all three.

After years of studying with top industry professionals, being personally mentored, self experience and a lot of trial and error; Matt and Ross have created the aps Way which is a comprehensive approach to health and fitness designed to offer you a new way of life by focusing equally on your movement, nutrition and lifestyle needs.

To read more about more about Matt and Ross visit their website aps Fitness.

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