Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with Louben Repke

This week’s Personal Trainer Zone features Repke Fitness founder, and registered nurse, Louben Repke.

Discover how Louben started his career in the fitness industry and be inspired by his answers to your FAQs.

1) What was your inspiration for beginning a career in the fitness industry and becoming a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with Louben Repke | Linked Fitness CommunityMy inspiration for beginning my career in the fitness industry came from achieving my own fitness results.

When I was growing up, I was very thin. I graduated high school weighing only 60 kilograms. After I graduated, I decided to start working out. I loved the results that I was getting and I decided that I wanted to help people.

Whilst working at a physical therapy clinic, I saw an opportunity to develop a business in the fitness field. Many of the physical therapy patients had bad lower backs, knees etc. Since a lot of these patients were also overweight, I often thought to myself how much better they would feel if they lost a little bit of weight. As a result, I came up with the idea for my company.

Starting Repke Fitness firstly involved becoming a personal trainer, and then I opened my own fitness facility. Whilst running my company, I decided I wanted more knowledge about diseases and various medical conditions, so I became a registered nurse to help me achieve that goal.

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2) How many days a week do you recommend working out? What was your inspiration

This depends on your current fitness level and also where you are in your fitness journey.

Ideally, my recommendation would be for people to work out 5 days per week – for 30 to 60 minutes. However, it’s not realistic for most people to work out that many days.

So instead, I recommend that my clients workout between 3 to 5 days per week.

3) How long should I rest between workouts?

I recommend resting a muscle group about 24 hours between work outs.

This means that if you worked out your abs and legs today, tomorrow, you can rest legs and abs but still work out a different muscle group e.g. your triceps and upper back or some other combination.

4) What is your favourite piece of equipment in the gym and why?

My favourite piece of equipment in the gym is free weights. I love free weights because there are so many different exercises that can be done with them.

As a personal trainer, for me free weights provide me with an unlimited number of exercises to perform.

5) What do you recommend to eat before and after a gym session?

Before a work out at the gym, I recommend eating a small amount of carbs (complex carbs preferably) and some protein.

Don’t fear carbs! The body needs carbohydrate and it’s also the very first source of fuel that it burns for energy. Eating some carbs prior to your work out will keep your blood sugar up and consequently prevent you from getting dizzy or lightheaded during your workout.

After your work out, you should always try to get in some good quality protein. If you like protein shakes, it’s a great time to have one. If you’re not into protein shakes then you can have some chicken, nuts, peanut butter or another food containing high quality protein.

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6) What is your top piece of nutritional advice for weight loss?

My top piece of advice is to keep a food log. I make all my clients use the app MyFitnessPal to track their foods.

People underestimate how much they are really eating – this app will let you see the damage that you’re doing.

7) What is the most common injury you see with your clients and what advice can you offer for prevention?

The most common injuries that I see with clients are lower back problems. In my experience, the best way to help prevent lower back issues is to develop good lifting techniques.

This is especially important when picking something up directly from the floor. Make sure that you are bending at your knees when lifting from the floor. Also, keep whatever object you’re carrying close to your body.

8) What is your favourite stretch and why?

My favourite stretch is just a basic seated hamstring stretch. I like that stretch because it’s important for keeping your hamstrings loose.

If the hamstrings are too tight, it will result in pulling on the lower back which can cause some back issues.

9) You have had some great success stories with people who have health issues. How do you develop a training plan for a client with a complex medical condition?

Personal Trainer Zone: Q&A with Louben Repke | Linked Fitness CommunityDeveloping a training program for a client that has a complex medical condition starts with understanding the condition and knowing what the clients’ limits are. It’s very important to assess the clients’ abilities and limitations before developing a program.

Luckily for me, in my nursing program, I learned a lot about pathology and pathophysiology. Once you understand that about the condition, it’s not too complicated. For a trainer who’s looking to work with clients who have medical conditions, I’d recommend researching the condition.

It is especially important to learn about the clients’ limitations– what to avoid with them and what they should benefit from. In the age of internet, I think you can learn a lot about any topic. Just make sure that you are using credible sites like MayoClinic.

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10) What are the main services that Repke Fitness Personal Training provides to their clients?

The main service that we provide to our clients at Repke Fitness is weight loss through quality personal training and nutritional guidance. We are a great at helping clients of all ages and limitations get the results that they desire.

In addition to training, we provide our clients with our free nutritional guidance as well as free customized work out videos and exercise programs for them to do when they are not training with us. We personalize each work out video towards the specific client – it can be done at home or at another fitness facility.

We also give incentives to our clients by rewarding them for their progress. A free training session after losing 10 lbs, 20 lb, etc. We also contribute to our clients’ new wardrobe as they lose weight – giving them a $200 gift card to the stores they shop at frequently.

About Louben Repke

Louben is the owner and founder of Repke Fitness which he began in 2009. He is a qualified personal trainer and registered nurse. Louben prides himself on inspiring and motivating all his clients to accomplish things they never thought possible. 

Louben trains clients of all ages and also specializes in working with individuals who have a variety of complex medical conditions.

Education & Experience

    • Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) – Frostburg State University

    • Associate of Science in Nursing (RN) – Anne Arundel C.C.

    • Voted BEST Personal Trainer – The Capital Gazette 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

    • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) – American Council on Exercise

To find out more about Louben Repke, please visit his website Repke Fitness

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