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    Ronan Personal Training aims to provide services dedicated to helping people achieve their desired body composition goals, through a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise.

    Hi, I’m James and I started Ronan Personal Training with the ambition of helping people gain access to a high standard of personal training without the 1-2-1 costs, plus full nutritional support.

    Having worked with a huge variety of individuals over the last decade I’m fully aware how everyone is different and how hectic our lifestyles can be. That’s why I aim to provide a range of services with flexibility to suit you.

    Not only can I provide you with training programs to help you achieve your fitness or health related goals, I’ll also assist you with any nutritional support you need.

    I pride myself in being able to provide high end services and endeavour to build on my education and skills. I recently completed my Mike Boyle Level 1 CFSC course in September 2017 and currently in the process of completing my year long nutrition course with to become a fully qualified Mac-Nutritionist, taking an Evidence-based approach to my practice. If you’re wondering what Evidence-based means, its probably best summarised as follows; Evaluating all the research and peer reviewed studies currently available and combining this with my knowledge and experience to provide the best strategy for my clients, ensuring their success and health. Above all, I aim to serve my clients with the upmost integrity and care.

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    Cost Per Session: £65.00
    Special Offer: Free 60 Minute Consultation
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    Online Coaching
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    Mac-Nutritionist qualified 2018
    Level 1 Certified Functional Strength Coach
    Level 3 Personal Trainer
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    Online Personal Training
    One-to-One Coaching
    Nutritional Advice
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Address: Energie Fitness, 1 Pocock Street, Units 4,5a & 5b, London
Greater London
United Kingdom

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