Rest Week: I Don’t Know What To Do!

When I saw my coach had scheduled me for an entire week of rest after the MS50 Trail Run, part of me was doing the happy dance and the other part of me was going, “Oh Noooo!!! What am I going to do for an entire week if I’m not running!?!”

I’ll be the first to admit to being super duper tired. This kid’s tail was dragging. My ultra training that had started last July was telling on me. I flat out didn’t have anything else to give. I’d never admit that out loud~that’s just between you and me, okay?

Leading up to this week of rest, I was sleeping 12 hours every night. I’d lay my head on my pillow and BOOM! I was out. MFH (My Favorite Husband) was amazing. He’d get up during the night if the dog needed out so I could rest. He knew how tired I was. He’d empty the dishwasher because my brain would just shut down and I’d forget to do the easiest tasks around the house.

I. Was. Fried.

Last week, I slept and slept and slept. I was wonderful!!!

Then around Wednesday afternoon, my brain went, “Ka~Pow!” The fog lifted. I felt alive again!

How about that!

Then, the fidgets set in.

I needed something to do. Well, I needed something to do besides clean house. LOL!!! ANYTHING but clean the house. I think I might just hire a bulldozer to come in and shovel out the house. Too many months of high mileage have taken a toll on my humble abode but we’ll just leave that subject alone for right now.

MFH and I have been discussing the carpeting in our house for a few years.

We purchased our house, online, sight unseen back in 2009. It was a HUD home. We placed an offer on it and “they” accepted our offer! It’s not bad as far as houses go and little by little we’ve been fixing it up. It’s a great DIY project!

The thing we’ve kept putting off is the carpeting.

I’m not a carpeting fan. Our house in Colorado, we ripped up the carpeting and put in hardwood floors. I loved the flooring in that house! We did the work ourselves. I ripped up the carpeting and MFH put down the oak floorboards. It looked great!

We rented a weird hammer thingy *technical term* that would put the funny shaped nails in at the angle they needed.

By the time we finished the floor, MFH was a pro with that gizmo. I was hopeless with it but MFH did great!

Here, we have a concrete slab so the weird hammer thingy won’t work. You have to do some fancy gluing process that, quite frankly, is out of our DIY league. The hardwood flooring became cost prohibitive so we searched for different options.

We settled on stained concrete. Stained concrete can be very pretty!!! I like the results better than painted concrete. It’s also tons cooler in our hot/humid Mississippi weather.

Why am I telling you all about the flooring in our house?

Well, remember I mentioned I got the fidgets? Thursday morning, I decided the time had come. I knew a new training program was starting up today and that last week would probably be the only time I’d have the energy to rip up our nasty carpeting sooooooo….

I did exactly that!

Thursday and Friday I spent those two days ripping up carpeting and carpet padding. I’d rip up medium-ish pieces. If I got too big of a section of carpet, it was too heavy for me to carry out to the road.

I’d cut up carpet sections and haul it outdoors then I’d rip up the padding and take it out, too. I’d have to grab the broom and sweep up an incredible amount of dirt. Carpeting is a huge dirt trap!!!

I found loose change in the middle of my living room underneath the carpet padding along with McDonald’s napkins! I guess they were in too big a hurry to pick up their stuff before they laid the carpet? Yuck!

Of course I had lots of help from my #PetitePooch, Tess. Can’t beat quality help like that!

Now, we’re down to bare concrete floors. Yes, there’s some cracks and paint splotches but even with all of that it looks tons better (IMO) than that nasty, stained and loose carpet.

YAY for no more carpet!

Also, YAY for training starting up again today!!! It felt awesome to get out on our sunny Monday morning for a few miles!

#IRun4Aiden *Aiden will be coming by my place for a visit in a few months! To say I’m over the moon excited would be an understatement!!! I can’t wait!


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