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The Small Personal Item Belt is an extremely comfortable and stylish running belt. SPI Belt say that it will not ride, bounce or shift but with so many running belts out there could there belt be the best?  So I put the original and the H20 Venture belt to the test.

SPI Belt Original – £14.99

First impression – Great construction and small enough not get in the way. There is enough room in the pouch for a good size phone and car keys plus your Park Run barcode. it also has 4 gel loops, 2 either side of the pouch.

On the trails – The  belt is impressive and as said it doesn’t bounce or ride. The gel loops work well and the pouch makes getting your items in or out easy although not waterproof it is water resistant so be careful on wet and muddy runs.

SPI Belt H20 Venture – £33.30

First impression – As far as running belts go this looks awesome! Two  240ml water bottles, Gel loops, race number toggles and a big pouch, this belt punches well above its weight. Perfect for long runs and marathons. The endurance belt only has 2 gel loops but as the pouch is bigger than the original gels phones and keys can all easily be kept inside.

On the trails – Absolutely great bit of kit. I was extremely weary of the clip on bottles and thought they may weigh the belt down and cause it to bounce but because the belt is a little wider than the original it sat perfectly on my waist. The bottles were easily clipped on and off and the gel loops are great.  Again the pouch isn’t waterproof so just be careful of sudden downpours.

SPI Belts are easily the best belts I have used and I would recommend them to every runner looking for somewhere to keep there belongings safe and secure, the only downfall is that they are not waterproof. If your interested take a look at there online shop and use SPIGINGER at checkout to receive a discount. All in all a sound product for any runner or walker.

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