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When you see something advertised and you just know that you have to have them!

Running in the dark can be a dangerous task definitely running off road. Safety lighting should always be used but sometimes a head torch can be uncomfortable. That is why I wanted to test the new Knuckle lights.

Knuckle Lights are made to be worn on your hand a  and are perfect for the early morning or late night runs. At 280 Lumens they are bright enough to light your route up so you can see where your going. The Other great idea knuckle Lights came up with is that they are rechargeable so no more buying batteries. The lights also come with a stylish docking station which I think is a great idea.

First Impressions: When they came I was surprised at how small and light they were. They fit very comfortable over your hand and are secured easily with Rubber Straps. The docking station is great and can be plugged into any USB Port to recharge which is a great idea if you are on the move as it can be charged up in the car if your away for long races or camping.

Out on the Trails: They lit up the trails really well and being positioned on my hands gave me perfect Angle of light to see where I was going so to avoid any trips and hazards. I also tried attaching one to my bag and this worked well to. I am struggling to find any faults with the knuckle lights on runs and can not emphasize enough how good they are. With 7+ hours of light on a full charge.

Although Knuckle Lights are not yet available in the UK they can be bought from there online store and shipped from the US HERE. I highly recommend these little torches not just for running but a number of activities such as hiking, walking the dog, camping and many more. They are also perfect for people that find wearing a head torch is not for them.

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