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As a keen long distance runner I am always trying to find ways of fueling myself and for the most part of a year have been using gels and not entirely liking them. Tailwind states the following on their website and this is why I was keen to try it out.

  • All you need, all day. Really.
  • Easy on your gut
  • Tasty all day
  • Simple vs Complex Carbs
  • No Protein
  • Full complement of Electrolytes

So what does that all mean to us runners, lets start with the easy on the gut we have all been there with gels after 2 hours you get that horrible feeling that you have swallowed a brick and it’s not what you want while running. By not using protein and natural ingredients tailwind have cut out the ”gut bombs” as they put it.

Tailwind – ”All you need all day, Really”

Using a Simple carbohydrate mixture (Dextrose/Sucrose) it’s absorbed by the GI tract quicker meaning not only do we get the fuel quicker but it does not hang around in our stomachs again cutting the risk of those gut bombs. Having the full complement of Electrolytes as well means you do not have to be taking any other supplements out there so wave goodbye to hydration tabs and salt sticks. Being Vegan

Whats In it?

How did it fare on the trails?
To be honest I was not expecting it to live up to the hype and tick all the boxes but it  did not disappoint. For a 22 mile run I used 2 Stick packs (4 Servings 400 calories) mixed 3 litres of water and after a quick shake of my hydration pack it was dissolved and ready to go. The taste itself was excellent and was not overly sweet which I prefer and left no after taste which is an added bonus.

I ran for 4 Hours which had been my longest run in 3 months and just sipped on it when I needed and this worked well for me and at no point did my stomach feel empty, heavy or too full or had I ran out of energy. Although a slow run over some muddy trails and hills I honestly felt as though I could have kept going an extra 8 miles easily with no cramping at all towards the end of my run and still feeling quite fresh.

Your probably thinking but there must be some bad points and I am struggling to find them its a superb Product and one that a lot of runners should be using. pricing is excellent when you start thinking how much you would spend on gels. They also come either in a 30, 50 serving packet or a handy 2 serving stick pack. with many flavours to choose from its easy to mix it up now and then.

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