Run Hard Half Marathon

Back about 4 or 5 years ago, a FB friend of mine named Shawn, started up a little FB running group. He named it LUNAR (Lace Up Now And Run). Since he started up that page, it’s been my home away from home. I’ve made many running friends there…friends that, in my opinion, can and will stand the test of time.

Last year (2015) at MCM, I met 3 people from this group. It was a quick meeting but a lot of fun!

This past weekend, MFH and I were able to meet up with a large group of these people. We call ourselves affectionately, LUNARS.

Two women from this group contacted me, let’s see, it must have been right after I got home from Berlin? They asked if I was going to be at a half marathon in South Carolina. The Run Hard Half Marathon.

To be honest, I hadn’t really thought about it. I told them I would talk to MFH (My Favorite Husband) and see what he had to say. I knew I’d be deep into training for my 100 Mile race and honestly didn’t know what he would say.

Would you believe he said, “Sure!”

I told them it was a go and registered for the race.

When I was registering for the race, I told MFH that they had a 5K and asked him if he’d like to run the 5K. Again he surprised me and said, “Sure!”

WOW! I signed him up before he could change his mind. HA!

Race day got closer and closer. More and more of us were signing up for the race. It looked like we were going to have a good group there!

Finally, it was race day weekend. Thursday morning arrived. MFH took Paxton and the cats over to Reggie’s House to play while we would be gone. While he did that, I ran my 15 miler.

Friday morning, we loaded the car, hopped in and drove to South Carolina!

MFH and I checked into the hotel and met everybody at a local restaurant. All of us then piled into cars and went to the Expo.

MFH and I even managed to get a pic of the two of us! We were having so much fun!!!

After the Expo, we were starving! *or at least I was* We headed out for something to eat. The food was good. The company was even better!

Now all this time, I had a secret up my sleeve. This race was very close to MFH’s birthday and these wonderful running friends of mine helped pull off a surprise birthday party for MFH!!! They bought a cake, candles, party horns…the works!

Boy oh boy was he surprised!!! It was awesome!!!

Next thing I knew, it was time to race! We met and sharpied up our legs in honor of two terrific runners on our LUNAR FB page and then headed off to the race.

Everybody ran strong. It was a terrific race!!!

MFH ran a 30:29 5K~ZOOM!!!

I had a nice HM training run! #100MileTraining

We all came away with some very nice bling! #willrun4bling

This morning, MFH and I drove home. We buckled up and pointed the car west.

There’s no place like home.

No races on the schedule until December 10. This will be a “little” 50 miler. It will be a training run for February’s 100 miler. A 50 mile race as a training run….that’s so messed up! Gotta love it!

Happy Running, all!!!







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