Why I Run Ultra Marathons

A lot of people ask me what is an Ultra Marathon? Well it’s anything further than your Marathon distance of 26.2 miles and then once people process that, it,s why do I train for and run ultra marathons?

I have always replied that its a massive challenge but people still then ask ”But have you ran the Marathon?” Without even asking what ‘The Marathon’ is I know straight away, London.

Why I Run Ultra Marathons | Liam Martin | Member Blogs | Linked Fitness Community

When I started Running in 2015 I thought 5k was far enough let alone 26.2 Miles as I gradually got better at running (it was bloody hard work) I started looking at bigger races after running the Dig Deep Race in the peak district which was 12 Miles which nearly killed me!

I saw all theses runner at the start point with packs and walking poles and thought to myself what are they up to? When I asked one of the runners what distance he was doing he replied ”only 60 Miles” I was shocked 60 Miles, who runs 60 miles around all these big hills for fun?

When I got home I knew I wanted a new challenge so booked myself in for my first ultra it was only 7 Months after I started to run so I new I was biting off more than I could chew but that’s some of the fun of it.

The Ultra was unbelievable its hard to describe how fun but hard it is mentally and Physically and since have done a load more.

Why I Run Ultra Marathons | Liam Martin | Member Blogs | Linked Fitness CommunityFirst thing I noticed was that they are so laid back and every one was chatty and so friendly a little better than your 10k race where every one is out to win.

I love to eat but eating on ultras takes it to another level the checkpoints or should I say Buffets are superb and there’s an array of cakes sweets and sandwiches at them all.

I am more of a Completer than a competitor so I run pretty slow but so do a lot of people hence why you will notice a few groups forming in ultras where every one is chatting, much better than the head down and off you go races I had done previously.

I know it may sound like Ultras are laid back and easy from what I have written but if you are use to your flat 5k through to marathons then you will find the Climbs in a lot of ultras tough, I do!

But these climbs usually give way to amazing views depending on location whether the Valleys of Wales the rolling hills of the peak district or the Rocky areas of the lake district there is a race to challenge any one.

So what are you waiting for go and sign up for one you will get hooked!

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