Silly Race but So Much Fun!

I told my #IRun4 buddy, Aiden, about our race yesterday. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:


Happy Sunday, Aiden!

We did a very silly race yesterday. We ran a Beer Mile. I’ll explain this race: They start the clock and you drink your first beer. The beer must be at least 5% alcohol and 12oz. After you drink the first beer, you run a quarter mile, then you drink your second 12oz beer…then you run a quarter mile, then you drink your 3rd beer, then you run a quarter mile, then you drink your last beer (that’s 4 beers total) and you run your last quarter mile. All the time, the clock is ticking. If you throw up, you have to run a quarter mile penalty loop.

YAY that we didn’t get sick and we did all of that in 10:22🎉💥🏃🏼‍♀️

This is a pic of me drinking my 3rd beer.

About 20-ish minutes afterwards we got really fuzzy😂😂😂 MFH went and brought us a hamburger to help with the fuzziness. That was a great idea! We’ve never had 4 beers in one day in our entire life so this was new territory. It was fun and silly but definitely NOT an every day race. Still, they had an extra finishers medal for you! YAY, right?🏅

I don’t really enjoy the feeling of “fuzziness.” This was lots of fun and we were all in the same shape but as a rule, not my cup of tea. I think I’d make a lousy alcoholic. Plus, all that beer gave me some major heartburn. Sucks getting old! LOL!!! Still, this tent post was my BFF for a while! Not so sure I would have stayed standing up for a long time without its help. I was a mess!!!

Bear in mind, I love beer. It’s delicious! I’d never, ever, in my entire life, had 4 beers in one day~let alone in the 10 minutes and 22 seconds it look me to run this race. This cracks me up so bad!!!

There were three gentlemen on FB who saved my bacon yesterday. They gave me some invaluable advice leading up to this race. They called it, “burp control.” This was probably the best race advice I’ve ever received! Thank you , Matthew, Bo and Pete! I owe you!!!

MFH (My Favorite Husband) tolerates soooo many of my goofy ideas! Bless him, he drove down with me to Jackson, Mississippi, yesterday. We were required to have a designated driver and he was a good sport and tagged along and drove me home. We brought Tess along with us. She was kind of a grumpy puppy yesterday and refused to come out of the car. Whatever, Tess… *she takes up a lot of territory in the car!

We had a beautiful sunset to wrap up our drive. I have the cutest chauffeur ever!!!

It was so much fun to see old friends again! I am truly blessed to have met so many amazing runners here in Mississippi. It’s always a blast to get together again at different events, to have some fun, to be goofy~can’t beat it!!!

I’m also very pleased to have completed this race still vertical! YAY, me!

Tomorrow, back to Barkley Fall Classic training. Hill repeats again while pulling the tire. Is it weird to admit this is my favorite training run?

The temps are warming up here fast so no more time to fiddle over my morning coffee. It’ll be toast, coffee and run…hopefully before 6:30 am. Our low tonight is supposed to be 70* so it’ll be toasty from the get~go. #BuildsCharacter

Loving every minute of it!!!


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