So, What’s the Scoop and London Marathon Training

WARNING: This post will contain a lot of TMI.

The end of last week, I started experiencing some abdominal discomfort. I elected to ignore it. Going to the doctor isn’t at the tippy top of my list of favorite things to do. As a matter of fact, I go way out of my way to avoid doing just that!

Sunday night, the discomfort switched into flat out pain. It wouldn’t let me sleep. Reluctantly, I got out of bed and took some Advil. I was a sad panda.

The Advil never really worked but seeing as I was scheduled to run 800′s Monday morning, I laced up my #AltraRunning and headed on out the door and tried hard for a solid speed workout.

Normally, if I have a little ache or something when I start a run, once I’m actually running, I don’t feel it. I’m so focused on the workout that everything else fades away. Not Monday. That discomfort wouldn’t go away. It kept raising its ugly head all through those 800′s making for a difficult run.

Through sheer stubbornness, I completed that workout, staggered into the house and went straight to bed. I thought maybe if I rested for just a little bit, things would improve?

I couldn’t rest. Rats. I got up to use the bathroom. That’s when I noticed, quite plainly (I’d been suspicious before), blood in my urine.

Now, I’m not the brightest but I know that’s not good. I figured it was a UTI and called my doc. I thought, antibiotics and I’d be good to go.

My doc has walk in hours so MFH (My Favorite Husband) drove me over to the clinic. They made me pee in a cup and ran the test. This is where I got a huge surprise. NO infection! LOTS of blood in the urine.

My doctor wasn’t happy. He sent me to the hospital for a CT scan.

The results came in from the scan. They found kinks in the colon but that’s about it.

Next stop is April 13 with a urologist. They want to do a Cystoscopy. They want to take a peek and a biopsy if needed. That doesn’t sound like giggles and grins but oh well, right? *If you want to know what kind of stuff they’re looking for, Google reasons for blood in urine and read up. They’ve narrowed down their list of causes.

***On to happier things!***

London Marathon Training has been going remarkably well! I am sooo encouraged by how things are going!!! YAY!

MFH and I are flying to the UK for the race in 17 days. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!!

After this weekend, MFH and I need to order Pound notes from our bank so we have currency to spend. I love shopping!!!

We also need to finalize our itinerary for while we’re there. Waiting to wrap up our plans has been killing me off! See…

MFH has a HUGE project at work this Saturday. Just as I’ve been totally focused on the race, he’s been totally focused on that project. Once that’s done on Saturday, he can switch gears on begin to focus on London.

This is going to be awesome!!!

Bear in mind I’m a total and complete tourist dork. I do make an attempt not to embarrass MFH with my tourist enthusiasm but there is one thing I really want to do and that is to ride the London Eye. That is like the quintessential tourist thing to do! I’ve seen it in so many movies and all…Must. Ride. It!

He wants to hit the museums and cathedrals. Seeing as one of his degrees is in architecture, it really would be a shame to miss out on all the really cool stuff in London.

I want to see the Crown Jewels. MFH is like, “You’ve seen one tiara, you’ve seen them all.” Not. TRUE!!! Obviously we will be suffering through a few things for each other.

Then there’s food. I’ll try new stuff. I’m not shy about that…except for the night before the race. I’ll only the tried and true for that evening!

Things I want to eat/drink? I want to eat a Crumpet. I have no idea what they are but I want one. When I was a little girl, I had a book where one of the characters had tea and crumpets. I’ve always wanted a crumpet! The other thing I want, and this is because I watch a lot of UK television, is to have a pint in a pub. I know it’s silly but I want to!

There’s only one more long run between now and race day. Just One More!!! That run will be this coming Wednesday. One more chance to crush big miles in preparation for the race.

This past Wednesday’s long run went fabulous! I’m super encouraged by that run. Fingers crossed that this next Wednesday’s run goes as well!!!

I’ve been working hard trying to put a spring in my step after Ultra training and it’s gone about as well as possible! As long as there’s nothing majorly wrong from the test results on the 13th, we’re gold!!! If I get some not so happy news, whatever it is will wait until MFH and I get home from London. I’m not going to borrow trouble.

Wishing y’all many happy miles!!!


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