Straight Scoop Review: Lux Bra

Oiselle recently asked the Haute Volée to give a straight scoop review on an item they either love or hate.  I chose the Lux Bra, which is hands-down the best bra I have ever worn. 

Basic Run Down:

The Lux Verrazano Bra is everything I have ever wanted in a bra: soft, yet supportive and extremely versatile.  I often get asked if the bra is extra sweaty because of the lux fabric:  it is not!  This bra went through the worst of the summer’s weather with me, tackling track workouts and long runs in 90o with 90% humidity, and I didn’t notice anything unusual.  I also am someone who doesn’t excessively sweat, though, so my experience may be different.

When the weather is cooler, I especially like to wear the lux bra because there is no skin-shock from tech fabric, which tends to feel cooler against my skin.  I also love the seam down the middle of the bra because it helps avoid the dreaded “uniboob.”


Where do you wear it? What is it good for? / Where wouldn’t you wear the style? Why?

I wear this bra for track workouts, long runs, trail runs, yoga, recovery, or out and about underneath an off-the-shoulder sweater. I love how the contrasting straps peek out from wide-necked shirts or sweaters.  Also, the lux fabric feels amazing against my skin, and is perfect for wearing beneath scratchy fall fabrics.  I would not wear this bra beneath a tight-fitting shirt, because the seam down the middle of the bra shows through.


Why do you love it? How does it make you feel?

I love this bra because it makes me feel seamless, while providing complete comfort and support.  I never have to worry about bounce, chafing, clashing (shine looks great with everything), or if I am about to flash anyone.  Instead, I can focus entirely on my workout.  I get legitimately sad when this bra is in the dirty clothes bin because it has become my go-to in nearly every situation.

As far as sizing goes, I would recommend sizing down.  I wear a 4 in other strappy bras, but a 2 in this is perfect for me.  I am, obviously, not in the “gifted” category, so I can’t comment on whether this bra would be good for a stair stepping workout if you’re DD, but it is the perfect amount of compression without feeling restrictive for me!


Bonus, since this is a straight scoop review:  no matter how pretty the bra is, you can still be trying your best to take a good photo and still take a bad one 😉


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