7 Swiss Ball Rollout Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Core exercises are an essential element of any fitness regime. Having a strong core not only helps with supporting your spine but it also results in better balance and stability. If you are looking for ways to strengthen your core, you should consider the Swiss Ball Rollout.

Personal trainers Matt Lovett and Ross Gray from aps Fitness share their Top 7 Swiss Ball Rollout Exercises.

Swiss Ball Rollout Overview

Exercise Type: Strength Training

Skill Level: Beginner & Advanced

Primary Muscles: Rectus Abdominus

Equipment: Swiss Ball & Mat


Top 7 Swiss Ball Rollout Exercises

The Swiss Ball Rollout is a brilliant exercise for strengthening both the inner and outer core unit.

It’s also a great exercise because there are so many variations. It can easily be scaled up or down in intensity meaning that it can be suitable for both beginners and those more advanced.

1) Inner Core Rollout 

The first rollout you should master is the Inner Core version seen in the video below.

Key Points:

  • Set yourself up for this exercise by kneeling on the mat and positioning both your arms on the ball.
  • Before you move, make sure you engage your inner core (you should feel your belly button draw towards your spine, if you can’t do this just practice this part of the exercise until you can).
  • Extend your shoulders and hips at the same time and to the same degree. Only rollout to a distance where you can hold both your inner core engagement and a neutral posture in your spine.
  • Start by performing 8 reps, holding each one for 15 seconds. Gradually increase the amount of time you’re holding it for and decrease the number of reps until you can do one hold of 2 minutes.
  • Once you can do this, you can move to the standard version.

2) Standard Rollout

Key Points:

  • Set yourself up exactly the same as the Inner Core Rollout, except this time you’re going to perform it without as much emphasis on the inner core and without the long holds.
  • Move out slowly, focussing on extending the hips and shoulders at the same time, and maintaining a neutral spine throughout.
  • Once you can perform 2 sets of 15 reps, it’s time to try some of the other progressions.

3) Stir the Pot from Knees Rollout

Key Points:

  • Roll forward as far as you can with good posture and then begin to move the ball.
  • You can use circles, side to side, forward and back or even try drawing the alphabet.
  • Remember to keep a strong position throughout. Aim for 60 seconds.

4) Stir the Pot from Toes Rollout

Key Points:

  • This is the same as the Stir the Pot from Knees Rollout except this time you start on your toes.
  • Aim for 60 seconds.

5) Rollout from Toes

Key Points:

  • This variation is the same as the standard rollout but you start on your toes instead of on your knees.
  • Aim for 10-20 reps.

6) Single Arm Rollout from Knees

Key Points:

  • Again, this variation is the same as the standard rollout but with only one arm on the ball.
  • Aim for 6-10 reps each side.

7) Double Ball Rollout

Key Points:

  • You must be extremely strong and stable and free of any injuries/pain to perform this advanced move.
  • You should always have someone to help you with this move when you first start performing it.

Common Issues to Avoid When Performing the Swiss Ball Rollout

  1. Over extension in the lower back
  2. No hip extension
  3. No shoulder extension

How to Incorporate the Swiss Ball Rollout into Your Workouts

The rollout is really versatile so you can basically use it anywhere in your workout. If you’re performing a core or bodyweight workout it can be used as part of the main workout. Or it could also be used as a supplemental core exercise after your main workout.

Once you’ve nailed the beginner versions of the exercise you could use those versions as a warm up exercise or even on rest days just to keep the inner core activated.

Remember, as with all exercise, work to your own ability, look to move as well as you can, and have fun!

Live healthy,


About Matt Lovett & Ross Gray

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    Great exercises, although, number 7 is probably too advance for 99% of people. haha. Great stuff though, I’ll give #7 a try tomorrow, I’ve done all the rest except that one.

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