This Week In Running

A week ago today you would have found MFH (My Favorite Husband), #1 Son and I crammed into our car on day one of our two day drive home from #1 Daughter’s Wedding. The weekend before, the three of us had spent two 12 hour days driving to Colorado for the Wedding and now we were spending two 12 hour days driving home.

I dragged my sorry self out of our hotel bed early Sunday morning and went down to the hotel TM (Treadmill) for a quick 5k. MFH was itching to get on the road. I needed to move a little bit after being cramped in the car. We got it done and were on the road before 7:00am.

We pulled into the driveway Sunday evening around 7:30pm. It was wonderful to be home!!!

Our mail had been delivered on Saturday so our mailbox was crammed full of over a weeks worth of mail. Imagine my surprise to find a large padded envelope with this in it! Things like that are always the best surprises ever!!!

Monday morning, I hopped out of bed all set for some miles. Bear in mind that the warmest temps I ran in Colorado was 56* and practically zero humidity. Monday morning, this was the weather as I head out for a few miles. It was a shock to this gal’s system!

Mississippi was welcoming me home in style! LOL!!!

Regardless of the weather, I ran a solid 7.50 miles and saw a HUGE spider! Did I mention how much I love living and running in the country? I’m never at a loss for interesting things to see!

Tuesday was a rest day. I needed it. After that hot and humid run on Monday, I was beat. The rest day was wonderful!!!

Wednesday was the first of two in a row dark o’clock runs. I really didn’t have a huge long run on Wednesday….only 11 miles but with the heat, I wanted to get it done before the sun came up. I was running by 5:00am. Not incredibly early but I wasn’t a huge fan when the alarm went off. I’m such a sissy!!!

I had a solid 11.25 miler and was feeling pretty good about how the run went.

The next day I was scheduled for a marathon distance training run. It was supposed to be a low of 75* with super high humidity. I went to bed at 6:00pm because my alarm was set for midnight.

Now, I’ve done this kind of thing a zillion times. This time it didn’t work. I was in bed 6 hours. I was super tired but because of the phone ringing over and over and over and other things happening, I didn’t get a complete hour of un-interrupted sleep. I was a sad panda!

The alarm went off and I staggered out of bed and got ready for the run.

To be honest, I was looking forward to this training run! There’s just something kind of crazy about running a marathon as a training run. I’m kind of weird that way, I guess.

The run started off pretty good! I was tired, there’s not doubt about that. All the travel and excitement and emotional stuff was catching up with me but I HAD that 26.2 in me. At mile 15 or 16, lightening started up.


Now, I’ll run in ANY weather except lightening. Well, wait. Let me re-phrase that. I’ll TRAIN in any weather except lightening. On race day, I’ll run in whatever mother nature throws at me. When the lightening started up, I was not a happy girl. I only had 9 miles to wrap up the run!!!


I resigned myself that the 26.2 wasn’t going to happen that morning and turned towards home. 17.05 miles was my sad total for Thursday morning. I was majorly bummed. AND tired. As a bonus, I did meet up with lots of pretty cool running buddies so there was that! #SilverLining

I came home and went back to bed. I slept like a rock but woke up grouchy. I had fallen short of my assigned goal. I get grumpy when I do that.

MFH and I had a late lunch/early dinner. It never had stormed so I decided to go out and grab a few more miles.

After 4 more miles, I realized my body was toast. All the travel, excitement, adjusting to Mississippi weather again….I was done. My total miles for Thursday: 21.50 miles.

Friday was a rest day. YAY!!!!

I was the lady of leisure Friday morning. I was scheduled for a sports massage Friday afternoon and I was sooooo ready to get some kinks worked out of my legs.

The massage was amazing!!! It hurt like crazy but it was wonderful!

Today I headed out for an easy run and it WAS an easy run! YAY for easy runs! The massage yesterday paid off big! 5.50 fun miles. It was wonderful!!!

Now, I’ve told you all about my week in running but something happened today that soooooo totally trumps any miles I ran and I HAVE to tell you about it!

My buddy, Aiden, has been playing baseball this summer with the Miracle League of Michigan. His team is the BlueJays and all summer I’ve been cheering for Aiden and his team.

This afternoon, they FB Live’d the second inning of his game…the last game of the season and for the first time I got to see my buddy play baseball! He covered third base like a pro. He got a solid hit and I saw his cross home plate. It was the most wonderful thing ever!!! I was sitting at my laptop bawling my eyes out~I was that happy for him!

Later this afternoon, Aiden’s mom posted this pic and I thought my heart was going to explode with pride for my buddy.

I’d like you all to meet Mr. 2017 MVP!!!

Not only is this incredible guy the best-est running buddy ever, he’s an awesome baseball player!!!

I’m super duper proud and happy for you, Aiden!!! You make my heart smile!


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