Those Baby Blues and TMI

I guess I kind of left everybody hanging on my last post. On what you ask? The problem with my vision during last Saturday’s race.

MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I drove home from Texas this past Monday and got home 8:00pm on Monday. Tuesday morning, after grabbing a few miles, I called my eye doctor. They got me right in. Good people!

They eye doctor people did a bunch of tests and fuzzed out my right eye (that was the one that was giving me problems at Rocky Raccoon 100). They wanted to rule out any funny stuff with that eye. I was there quite a while (2 hours) and at the end of that time, they declared my eye healthy and that nothing funny had happened during the race.

*healthy baby blues!

That was a HUGE relief!

Next up was to call the doctor who had prescribed the medication.

I’ll be honest, tapering off that medication, going through the taper crazies, stress from the upcoming race, insomnia from the medication taper, etc, etc…those last two weeks leading up to race day were not fun. I was having a hard time keeping my s**t together.

I called the medication doctor Wednesday morning. I was told that he wouldn’t be in to the office until the next Monday. I was expecting a LONG wait before getting the chance to talk with him so it was no big deal. He’s a hard guy to get to chat with on the best of days.

Imagine my surprise when he called me back Wednesday afternoon! I almost dropped the phone I was so surprised!

I told him what had happened at the race. Before he could blame it on my eye, I told him I had already been to the eye doctor (This kind of took the wind out of his sails because he couldn’t blame it on somebody else. I felt a little bad for him on this point. He’s a nice guy and has helped me tons!) I told him how awful the medication taper had been and that I never wanted to do it again….then I mentioned how I’m registered for another 100M in December.

You could almost hear him grinding his teeth over the phone on that news. I genuinely felt bad for him. He really is a super nice guy!

We discussed my dose. I take 1500mg before bedtime. That’s a LOT of stuff.

We reached a compromise that we’re going to be trying starting today. Instead of taking the 1500mg at bedtime, I’m taking 300mg, five times over the course of the day. It’s kind of a pain but if it helps come race day in December, I’m more than happy to do it!

So here’s to remembering to take that silly medication five times a day and seeing how it works out. Today, I’ve been kind of fuzzy all day and told MFH that it would be best if I didn’t do any driving. I’m sure this will probably even out as time goes along.

Fingers crossed!!!







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