Since being diagnosed with a stress fracture (second metatarsal) two weeks ago, I haven’t been without my boot. It’s almost as if it has become part of me. In fact, the positive effects of the boot outweigh the negatives in every way. I’ve learned to love the boot: and I want you guys to know why…

Aside from aiding the recover of my broken bone, the ‘boot’ has endless other uses. I’ll outline a few, but I want to make it clear that this is definitely NOT an exhaustive list.

Please note before you read: my blog is currently being changed so forgive the fact that TeenRunner may have a few things wrong with it at the moment. This should be fixed in the very near future: I just wanted to share this post with you today!

The Early Lunch Pass

This one is number one for a reason: I strongly detest (okay, hate) queuing in any type of line…and having the boot basically eliminates this hardship. During my last week at school before half term I was able to waltz (well, it was actually more of a limp) into early lunch with a few friends because you really can’t make the girl with the broken foot stand in a push-shove queue can you?!

The Attention Grabber

Picture yourself sitting at a library desk in complete silence. Then imagine that you suddenly hear a series of slow, stomping foot steps coming down the stairs.

That’s my cue. The amount of annoyed looks I’ve been given that then dissolve quickly into pitying smiles as they realise what happened has been very entertaining!

boot photo number 2 smiling at camera

Caught off guard but the boot was ready.

The Conversation Starter

Standing around awkwardly. Look down at your feet. Oh there’s a boot. “So how did that happen?”. A truly great topic for small talk.

The Excuse for Being Late

Most of the time the boot has definitely relieved me of a few talking-tos from the teachers since I always seem to arrive late to lessons…even when I’m not injured!

The Ability to Walk

This point is quite a simple one…but probably the most important of the lot. No longer to I have to limp around- I just kinda walk awkwardly. This isn’t half as bad, trust me.

The Reason to Tweet Dina Asher Smith

On a more serious note, Dina unfortunately broke her foot last Friday whilst training. Although we can now be #bootbuddies, I think that her injury is a lot more devastating than mine- it wasn’t as if I was going to be representing GB.

The Desire to Recover

No kidding, it feels like I’m more determined to succeed now that I ever have been. The only problem is that I can barely walk…but I’m working on that!

The Advice-Attracter

Something about being injured lures random strangers into giving me various pieces of advice- some that I have heard before, and others that I haven’t. But this is okay: for reasons unknown to me they feel obliged to give their view point, and this has actually helped me to become a guru on the healing of stress fractures. I may not be a trained professional, but if you want to know the stages of recovery, the right foods to eat, the different cross training methods: you name it, there’s a high chance I’ll know. And if I don’t, please make sure you tell me! Every little helps and all that.

boot goes to party

It even went out on Wednesday night!!!

So that sums it up really. When the time comes for me to remove the boot in a week or nothing is going to be the same. Gone will be the faint crackle of Velcro as I tread; the unevenness on one side; the effort of having to take it off and put it on every time I get changed; the countless times I’ve been told to eat lots of calcium…

most recent gym session with boot

Always time for a gym selfie, especially when there’s hardly anyone there!!

Yes, I will miss the boot, but I’m sure I’ll get over it…one day.

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