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Day one at our Autumn Tri Camp

When we decided to host a camp in October, we wanted people to come and enjoy their fitness at the end of season. This camp is full of athletes who were out here with us back in March and it’s great to see and hear how their individual summers have been.

Today was officially day 1 of our Autumn Camp, and here is how it went…

8am Swim

The day started in the heated 25m outdoor pool at Ferrer Hotels. Coach Marianne took us back to basics with some technical drills; from sink downs to the bottom of the pool to pop-eye & hypoxic breathing, Marianne got us thinking “bubble bubble breathe”.

Breakfast & bike set up

The whole group was ready for breakfast after an hour in the pool! There was plenty of choice at Ferrer Hotels and we all loaded up knowing we had a day on the bike ahead of us. As it was our first day, we had to head over to the bike garage and set up our bikes. Rad Salon who are the bike experts in the Ferrer garage got us kitted up and ready to ride by 10.15am, on a selection of beautiful carbon Lapierre and BMC bikes.

Hot, sunny 75km on the bike

From our base in Can Picafort, we rode out to Muro where we had a much needed coffee before heading on to Sineu and then Petra.

At around 40km, before we headed in to Petra for lunch, some of us decided to detour and tackle a short 4km climb up to Bonany. It was a short, punchy climb with some much needed shade that had a wonderful view worth climbing for!

And as we know, what goes up must come down.

Through and Off | Got to Tri Blogs | Linked Fitness CommunityAfter lunch in Petra, we cycled back to base camp as a group and Marianne led some chain ganging aka ‘through and off’ which led to some PRs with top speeds of 61.2km/hr!

Cooling down in the Sea

Even though the sea was a balmy 23°C, some of us started in our wetsuits (all good practice) before stripping down and enjoying the crystal clear water.

After a few laps of the 300m buoys, we headed in to hit the spa before supper.

Food, beers, bed.

Day one done.

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