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Early this year I heard about a brand new trail shoe Altra Running would be releasing this summer (2017). I’d read the description of the shoe and heard from people test marketing them and knew I HAD to have some! They sounded amazing!!! Finally the day arrived when they were released for sale and I think within 5 minutes of them being available, I had ordered my first pair.

I stalked my UPS driver. I was impatient! When would my shoes arrive!?!

Finally this past Tuesday I heard Paxton (my pudgy, necktie wearing pooch) announce the arrival of somebody at the house. It was the UPS man! My Timp’s had arrived! YAY!!!

Altra Timp | Trail Running Shoe | Review | Melinda Howard | Linked Fitness

Before these shoes because available online, I had checked with the local running stores within a 2.5 hr driving radius (normal distance for me to drive *one way* to buy my running shoes) but nobody was carrying them yet. I was a sad panda because I like to do my best to support our local business. Seeing as I couldn’t drive anywhere to purchase these shoes, I went ahead and ordered online.

Ordering shoes online can be a tricky thing. Especially a brand new model! What size should I get? I gambled and order a half size up because I was planning on wearing this shoe at my 100 Miler. I knew my feet would swell and I would be thankful for a little wiggle room.

They were a perfect fit!

Wednesday at 6:30am, you would have found me trying on the Timps and adjusting shoestrings and all that fun stuff. I’m kind of fussy about my shoe strings to this was an important detail!

Altra Timp | Trail Running Shoe | Review | Melinda Howard | Linked Fitness

I attached my Garmin footpod on my left shoe and my MilestonePod on my right shoe. Because I run a lot on tree canopied roads, I have the footpod. The trees frequently make my Garmin lose signal. The MilestonePod was a snazzy new toy from #TailwindNutrition. It was sent out to the Tailwind Trailblazers in our last Ambassador box. Being the numbers nerd that I am, I’m having a blast crunching the data I’m getting from it!

Finally I was satisfied with the shoestrings, the footpod and the MilestonePod. It was time for gaiters.

Now, AltraRunning has some sweet gaiters but I like to have a little “attitude” with my gaiters. When I get tired on the trails, looking down at some sassy gaiters puts a little spring in my step.

Altra Timp | Trail Running Shoe | Review | Melinda Howard | Linked Fitness

Aren’t those gaiters the most fun ever!?! They crack me up!

Finally it was time to grab some miles and really test these shoes.

As far as actual trails are concerned, around my area it’s slim pickings, aka: there aren’t any. We do have lots of cute gravel roads so I picked a tough one with lots of elevation but more importantly, shade. It was already over 80* at 6:30am and I knew I’d wilt without a little shade. MacIntyre Road was the logical choice so off I went!

I had two 17oz soft flask of #TailwindNutrition for 8 miles of gravel. Easy Peasy!

Under normal circumstances, I avoid running MacIntyre. It’s a pretty road but the gravel is deep and loose. I almost always twist an ankle or have a grumpy knee after running this road. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Altra Timp | Trail Running Shoe | Review | Melinda Howard | Linked Fitness

The Timp was amazing!!! It chewed up that gravel like it was nothing. Not once did I lack stability on that road! The entire 8 miles, running up and down, dodging a few snakes and lose dogs…nothing but firm, solid footing the entire run. It was wonderful!!!

As I pulled up in front of the house, I drained the last of the Tailwind. Talk about a perfect run!!!

The Timp is an amazing shoe~a Huge WIN!!!

Thank you #AltraRunning!!!

Altra Timp | Trail Running Shoe | Review | Melinda Howard | Linked Fitness

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