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    If you have never attended a training camp, feeling too inexperienced or not capable, then we can dispel any fears you may have – we will coach you properly with full attention to your development.

    Masters of Tri Training Camps are based in Spain at our established venue, the Four Star Bonalba Hotel. We are located 30 minutes north of Alicante Airport which has direct flights from throughout Europe.

    Masters of Tri coaches are also available to visit you at your home base if you have the facilities and interest for a tailored camp, no matter where you are in the world! Contact us if this is of interest.


    The Master of Tri Training Camps provide the athlete with a complete assessment of their current ability along with all the information needed to progress after the training camp has finished.

    Initial assessment of the swim, bike and run ability (as relevant to the camp) – with coaching through the camp to advise on what changes to make will enable athletes to improve during the camp and provide the motivation to go home and continue to make those gains.

    Our coaches will:

    – Assess each athlete is individually assessed by the coaches so we fully understand your ability using various tools, the assessment continues throughout the camp so the coaches have a full understanding of each athlete

    – Advise with accurate and relevant information based on the need of each athlete during the camp

    – Accelerating your performance with these small changes, both during the camp and for future development

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    All Masters of Tri training camps are fully coached, every session, throughout the whole camp. With a high coach to athlete ratio we create a relaxed environment so that you will never be left alone or wondering what to do – we will challenge you and you will learn how to train effectively, learn a lot about yourself and realise just how much you can achieve!

    We understand how to get the best out of our athletes – and this is reflected in the training at all our camps –we coach and guide athletes to understand what they need to do, how to do it and how to do it effectively – this means that sessions are effective.

    No session will be “junk” training – long/hard sessions for the sake of training; we show you how to train properly!

    Training camps are limited in attendees to ensure a maximum coach to athlete ratio of 1:4; this ensures that group sessions and discussions, as well as 1-2-1 discussions, will motivate, educate and challenge each athlete.

    Every training camp is different – different athletes, abilities and needs – we assess and evolve to cater for the requirements of the athletes. Expect to learn, be challenged and have a great time!

    Coaching is individual and so there is no differentiation between abilities – sessions are tailored so that each athlete has an equally challenging training camp!


    - A Swim Video Analysis – each athlete is filmed with a HD camera from all angles whilst swimming and performs a timed swim for a full swim assessment. A swim video analysis then provides a full visual illustration of the athlete’s swim performance (the analysis is fully recorded).

    Follow-up stroke correction sessions during the camp focus on specific issues identified in the video analysis (and seminar) with comprehensive coaching of technique drills as well as the use of correct pacing (using the data from the assessment).

    - A Wattbike assessment of each athlete (included in triathlon, TriEscape and bike camps, or as requested/purchased on other training camps) will be the first bike session; each athlete will be set up and guided through a warm up and then conduct the British Cycling 3-minute aerobic test to establish heart rate and power levels for effective training.

    - A run assessment where the Master of Tri coaches observe each athlete whilst running in their natural style, including video if necessary, will form the basis of the run coaching; feedback and potential changes will be made based on the observations.


    Data collected during the assessments is used for the coached sessions during the camp with athletes being guided towards optimising their performance. Swim sessions are tailored to stroke correction and pacing, bike rides and runs are guided and performed to heart rate levels. Mobility and basic strength sessions are also provided to complement the specific coaching.

    The practical coaching is comprehensively supported by a series of seminars held in our own private conference area within the Bonalba Hotel covering all aspects of training and spread throughout the training camps; each discipline is addressed, as well as nutrition.

    All the individual assessment and findings are provided to each athlete at the end of the camp along with the knowledge on how to use it. The data collected is complemented with a series of seminars that provide clarity and a thorough coaching experience.

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