Triathlon Training Tips: Durham University Triathlon Club

You can never have enough triathlon training tips when you are getting ready for an event!

We caught up with Durham University Triathlon Club Captain Sarah Kerr to discover some of the clubs top training tips.

Top 8 Triathlon Training Tips:

1) Join A Club!

Whether you’re first starting out or racing competitively, training with other people makes it much more fun.

Training in a group can give you the motivation to get out, especially in unfavourable conditions.

Triathlon Training Tips | Durham University Triathlon Club | Linked Fitness

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2) Nutrition

As an endurance sport, it is absolutely key to eat enough as well as the right things during your triathlon training.

This will ensure you have enough energy and your muscles can recover.

3) Get The Right Fit

It is important that your bike, shoes, wetsuit and any other equipment fits you properly to avoid straining your muscles by being in the wrong position.

Triathlon Training Tips | Durham University Triathlon Club | Linked Fitness

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4) Set Some Goals

These can be to just complete a triathlon, to get selected for your country, or to improve your overall time.

However, having something to work towards is a great way to motivate yourself and for others to help you as well!

5) Listen To Your Body

Don’t jump straight into 10+ hours of triathlon training if you’ve only just started!

Start with just 1 or 2 sessions of each discipline per week and build up to more, in line with what your body can cope with.

Over-training is a common cause of injury so don’t be afraid to take a rest day.

6) Technique

Small adjustments to technique can have a huge impact on speed and helps to prevent injury too.

Triathlon Training Tips | Durham University Triathlon Club | Linked Fitness

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7) Stick At It

Like anything, improvement takes time to show itself so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see progress in the first 6 weeks.

Don’t let it put you off because if you work hard, you WILL improve.

8) Have Fun!

The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing.

It might be difficult but if you can enjoy it (or even just the feeling at the end), then that makes you much more able to push yourself to achieve the goals you’ve set.

About Durham University Triathlon Club

Triathlon Training Tips | Durham University Triathlon Club | Linked FitnessDurham University Triathlon Club is entering its ninth year of operation, and since its inception in 2007 they’ve grown from just 4 athletes to over 60. Their aim as an all-inclusive club is to be accessible to newcomers to the sport, yet also offer high-level training to more seasoned athletes.

Over the past few years Durham University Triathlon Club have embraced the influx of athletes looking to get involved with a sport exploding in popularity, providing many with their first taste of triathlon competition. Simultaneously they have built up a strong programme of development for experienced triathletes, with their Performance Squad members achieving great success in BUCS and other competitions.

To find out more about the club visit their Facebook page: Twitter: @DUTriathlon Instagram: dutriathlon.


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