Triathlon Training Tips: University of Nottingham Triathlon Club

Looking for triathlon training tips to help you prepare for your next race? Look no further.

This week the University of Nottingham Triathlon Club share some of their favourite training tips.

Top 5 Triathlon Training Tips

1) Have a Set Routine for Transition & Practice It

Have it clear in your mind exactly what you are going to do in T1 and T2 and practice it.

Just a few transition practice sessions can save as much time on race day (perhaps even more!) as you would through weeks of hard training to improve your fitness or by spending hundreds of pounds on a set of aero deep section wheels.

– Stephen Jones 

2) Consistency is the Key to Success!

Triathlon Training Tips: University of Nottingham Triathlon Club | Linked FitnessSeems a cliché but if you’re just starting out, forget about being very specific with training zones and just swim, bike and run.

Regularly getting out of the door and enjoying each discipline will see huge gains in fitness.

Just make sure you progress each session in distance or time slowly (~10% per week) to prevent injuries.

– Joanne Mallinson

3) Embrace the Variety of Triathlon

Triathlon Training Tips: University of Nottingham Triathlon Club | Linked FitnessDon’t get stuck in a rut of repeating the same sessions.

Remember the purpose of training isn’t to be good at a specific training session but to improve your conditioning for racing.

– James Harkin

4) Be Consistent

Triathlon Training Tips: University of Nottingham Triathlon Club | Linked FitnessThe key to success is to be consistent with your triathlon training and to listen to your body.

– Sam Broomhead

5) Practice Yoga

Get stronger, prevent injury and centre your mind for training with these top 3 yoga poses:

Pigeon Pose

It helps open the deep muscles of the hip and the hip flexors which helps range of motion and creates a better running form.

Forward Fold

Sitting with knees bent on a bike can, over time shorten the hamstring muscles. A forward fold really helps with this therefore preventing injuries. Bend your knees as much as you need to in this pose.

Locust Pose

The importance of keeping the shoulders open and having a good range of motion is a must for swimming. Locust pose really helps with this whilst keeping the middle and lower back muscles open and strong.

– Becs Mcbride (Yoga Coach)

Triathlon Training Tips: University of Nottingham Triathlon Club | Linked Fitness

About University of Nottingham Triathlon Club

The University of Nottingham Triathlon Club (UoNTri) has established itself as one of the biggest and most successful university clubs in the country.

With British Triathlon accredited coaches as well as access to world class facilities, the club is aimed at everyone from complete beginners to elite athletes.

UoNTri strive to offer students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to maximise their athletic potential through regular and structured training.

They will support you whatever your personal goal, from simply building a bit of fitness and competing in your first sprint all the way up to qualifying for Kona!

To find out more details about the club visit their website.


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