Ultrasound for Runners REVIEW: Does It Actually Work?

I want to keep this post nice and short- purely because I have only one opinion about ultrasound therapy.

It works.

I guess I should go into a little more detail. So I purchased a Med-Fit Ultrasound Device after struggling with my foot injury for three weeks having attended two physio appointments and realising that I was basically paying £50 for a 15 minute ultrasound session and a whole load of chat. Therefore although the Med-Fit ® Pro Homecare Therapeutic Portable 1MHz did cost £100, by using it every day (and sometimes even twice!), my family and I have saved a LOT of cash. And to make this even better, amazon sell this machine for half the price of what it normally is. I do love a bargain.

ultrasound machine review teenrunner does it really work?

What it looks like. You also get an instruction manual.

You may be thinking that I’ve been injured for quite a long time and so I could be over-hyping the benefits; but to cut a long story short I’ve had two different injuries, and with both of these I’ve found that post-ultrasound treatment eased my pain significantly. I strongly believe that without it I would have been resting for much longer.

‘What does it actually do?’ you’re probably asking. I’m no expert myself but I’ve researched that it aids the healing of tissues and tendons by sending high frequency sound waves through the affected area.It provides heat to injured body parts that lie deep within your body that cannot be heated with a standard hot pack alone. If you want to know more I would really recommend reading these articles on Very Well which explain everything perfectly. There’s also a shorter and stripped down description right here.

Ultrasound for Runners REVIEW: Does It Actually Work?

And what about all of this controversy on the web? If you haven’t seen any of those article proclaiming that ‘ultrasound doesn’t work’ and that ‘it’s just the placebo effect’ then I don’t know where you’ve been! But I disagree- all of the top physios and specialists wouldn’t still be using ultrasound if it didn’t work. I think people forget that these machines aren’t just going to cure your injury straight away- you still have to patient and continue to strengthen, etc. It worked for me, and so I’ll leave it up to you guys to figure out your opinions.

ultrasound machine review teenrunner does it work?

Not my own picture.

How To Use Ultrasound

Yes, booking a physiotherapy appointment is expensive but it really is important if you have obtained an injury. You should never treat yourself with ultrasound if you haven’t been diagnosed and advised by a trained professional.

I was told to apply the aqueous gel and then slowly move the device around a small area for 10 minutes on the lowest setting- however your injury will always be different and so will also need to be treated in an alternative manner.

ultrasound machine review teenrunner does it actually work?

This isn’t my own picture either!

Do You Need One?

This isn’t really my place to say- but I generally think that if you find yourself constantly paying out lots of money at the physio for this type of treatment then you could maybe consider investing. On the other hand, if you have an injury like a stress fracture this will be of no help, as it is mainly used for muscles, tendons and ligaments. And also, even if it is only the placebo effect like they say, I couldn’t care less. Something worked, so I’m happy.

Please note: I just want to stress again that this is my personal opinion and I am NOT a professional. Before applying any treatment you should consult trained experts and even though we all do it, self-diagnosing on the google really isn’t a good idea.

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