Why Athletes Should Train with Battling Ropes

When it comes to pound-for-pound effectiveness, there is little out there that is as awesome for getting in killer shape than a set of battle ropes.

Forget the bulky and super expensive treadmill or erg machine, or an over-priced spin bike. All you really need to get a devastating workout is a set of sturdy, shipyard-worthy ropes.

Here’s more about how this old-school will give you some serious new school results.

1. Battle ropes encourage a balanced strength and conditioning approach.

Whether you are an athlete, regular gym-goer, or just getting back into the swing of things at the gym it’s likely that you have a profoundly dominant side. This is natural from using one arm/side of our bodies for a majority of the heavy lifting over the course of the day.

Battle ropes can help you to even out this imbalance, which is especially key for athletic performance and in for injury prevention, by taxing both sides of your body evenly. It’s much harder to hide behind your strong side, as you can with a barbell, for instance, when your arms are moving unilaterally.

2. You can use them just about anywhere.

Battle ropes are portable, and don’t require a large amount of space. You can tie them up to a tree, to your front tire, to the picnic table at the local park, and hammer away at developing that shredded core and Kung-Fu grip.

Bonus points for being able to use them outside in the sunshine. Working out in the great outdoors, with fresh air and the sun on your back, is at least 15% than being stuck in the fluorescently lit gyms and weight training rooms.

3. You can pack a killer workout in ten minutes.

Why go running for half an hour when you sky-rocket your heart rate, flush yourself with lactic acid, and leave yourself gasping for oxygen in as little as ten minutes with a set of battle ropes?

Battling ropes are highly anaerobic in nature—think of them as doing wind sprints for your upper body—meaning that the most amount of benefit comes from high effort with rest for a shorter amount of time.

4. It is an anaerobic workout for your upper body.

Most of the time when we think about aerobic and anaerobic exercise we think solely of our lower body. Running, biking, and skipping, for instance. Battle ropes target your shoulders, delts, the posterior chain, and of course, your core in a way that is hard to replicate otherwise.

For athletes who use their upper bodies in competition and even in the course of your workout routine this is especially helpful, as it is hard to get this kind of workout elsewhere.

5. The bar of entry is low.

Whether you are an Olympic champion looking to saddle up for another four years of heavy training, or you are getting back into the gym after a layoff there is a battle ropes workout for you. The speed and power you exert on the ropes is limited only by the conditioning you currently possess.

Unlike racking up the barbell with more weight than you can lift, there is a ceiling with the battling ropes, lessening the likelihood of injury.

There is a minimal amount of instruction in order to pick up a pair of ropes and shake them out for a few minutes at a time, making them an ideal form of conditioning work for newbies and pros alike.

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