Winter More Mile REVIEW: My Favourites.

As you all know, I love More Mile. So when the new 2016 kit came out, I had to get my hands on it. Fast. And it did not disappoint. I have already written a More Mile review of last year’s kit right here, but that included more summer-y attire so I thought I had better write another.

disclaimer: I was sent three outfits and various accessories. All opinions are honest!

winter more mile review teenrunner leggings pink capri

The Leggings

I’m a real fan of these black leggings. They’re the same material as my Nikes, but are stretchier (=comfier) and I have found the waist band to be much more convenient and roomier, even if it does rise a little too high on me (but then that could just be me!). There is also a handy phone pocket in the back, and having been training in these for a while now I can safely say that they keep you sufficiently warm without being too hot.

winter more mile review teenrunner tshirt leggings

You can buy them here for £14.95. Mine are XS.

winter more mile review teenrunner running

The three-quarter length and the printed running tights are made out of a different material to the tech-leggings above, but are even comfier with the elasticated waist band (although on these ones there are no strings to adjust the size). Personally, I always feel like three-quarter length leggings make me run faster than full length tights. Overall I would say that the patterns are great, but these two don’t seem to have been made from as nicer material as the black leggings, which means that when stretched the colours fade ever so slightly. That is only a minor issue though!

winter more mile review teenrunner field running girl

You can buy the printed leggings here for £15.00. I wear an XS.

And the three-quarter length capri pink leggings here for £15.00 also.

winter more mile review teenrunner hooded top

The Top and Jacket

The thermal top is warm and has a really nice shape to it. Yes, the colours are super bright, and so if you prefer to go for a more subtle look you can also wear it in black, blue or pink. I tend to use this for my warm up and cool down, and am a big fan of the thumb-holes and fluorescent strips. I actually don’t have anything bad to say about this long-sleeve top!

winter more mile review teenrunner yellow top

You can buy the yellow top here for £18.00.

These hooded tops are also really, really lovely- I have even asked for one for Christmas!

winter more mile review teenrunner jacket and pink top girl runner

Before I go on to talk about the jacket I just want to say that not everything comes with the TeenRunner logos! Anyway, the jacket is useful as a light and protective layer, and although I may not be too keen on the design (sorry!), I hope it will be of use for when the rains come. This is probably the only item that I wouldn’t buy again.

Don’t let me put you off though: you can get your hands on one right here for £13.00

winter more mile review teenrunner girl running

The Accessories

To finish off I will just tell you about the fab headbands and socks. More Mile are well known for their cushioned socks and the new style was no exception to this rule. I like the fact that they come up slightly higher on the ankle to give you more support, without looking too weird of course. The sock colours are also great- my favourite is definitely the turquoise.

winter more mile review accessories teenrunner headband

And these cute little headbands come in useful for those wispy hairs, and although I don’t wear them very often, I still think they look fab!

For the headbands click here (costing only £2.00).

And for the socks click here (costing only £10.00 for five pairs which is a huuuuuge bargain).

winter more mile review teenrunner flashy

So that sums it all up really, and if you want to grab yourself an extra 30% off, just type in the code MMATHLETE at check out. Go. Go. Go!

winter more mile review teenrunner headband accessory pink

My overall views are mainly summed up in my last review, with this one being more of a new-kit-extension. In the warmer months I also can’t wait to talk about their shorts, t-shirts, and crop tops!

winter more mile review teenrunner kit

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